Post your custom painted bionicle masks here!

So I was painting a mask for my secondary self moc…

Post yours here!


This was my first and, currently, only painted mask. I wanted a Mata brown Matatu for my self MOC but couldn’t find any misprinted ones, so I resorted to spray painting. I’m not too big on the resulting product.


given how i now have four hunter masks and four MoCo… what is your guys suggestion on painting them?

Most recently,

and last summer.



Ive always wanted to paint a kraahkan black


Anyho, not Bionicle, not even really a mask. But here it is.

(The head and helmet are both painted)


do anyone have any tips on painting masks?

like i have allready said, i want some tips on how to paint Bionicle Masks, because im planning on painting the three Hunter Masks of my three new Umarak sets.

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What kind of tips?

Like what stuff i need to paint masks. I have sprayed the Hunter Masks so that i can paint them tomorrow.

For example, is it ok to use oil paint on then? Because that is the paint im planing to use.

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Its to light not dark enough

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ok, here is what one of the Hunter masks looks like with white oil paint:

I really do need tips, because i want to make it better than it is now.


I would add detailing.

Its not finished, im planning on painting blue stripes on some of the “cracks” in the mask.

the tips i want are:

What spray should i use?

is oil paint a good choise in painting (im gueesing not given how bad the mask looks in the image which makes it look like it was made of clay)

see, thats the tips i want, because i have never tried to paint a mask before and i don’t want to screw up and ruin the masks i have.

First, I would experiment with HF helmets. Second, I would draw the design I want on a peice of paper. Third, paint the inside. Let it dry for a couple hours. Then pain the outside. Fourth, add detailing. I use Model Master paint.

just so you know, the spray i mention is base paint, the one i used was grey (because its the only one i have)

I personally love what you did with the hunter mask.

but what should i do to prevent it from having all of those brush marks?

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Paint one direction :+1:

Try modeling paint

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