Postosuchus (system archosaurs moc)

Here's my first try at building the mighty Triassic archosaurian predator, postosuchus
Profile shot
Front shot
Standing on its hind legs
Hope you've enjoyed this little critter of mine

Compliments and critique are encouraged


it's adorable and awesome

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Love the colours

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I based it of the walking with dinosaurs version's colors and shape


Looks incredibly accurate to the Walking with Dinosaurs version. Nicely done!

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Wow, this looks awesome! I love it! The tail looks great!

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We need a photo/photoshop of @Artakha's Compy being swarmed by a bunch of these.


That looks awesome and you should totally make more stuff like this. Needs eyes, though I'm not sure what you'd use

This is beautifull
i wanna see more stuff like this

I'll try to provide but sadly did this take up most my joints


is cute

looks noice

long tails tho

Hey @Artakha i could give you the instructions if you want to make this a reality?

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Lol, i love it :laughing:

Unfortunately I can tell you right now I don't have the right peices to build him :cry:

I could give you instructions for Compy tho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As a dinosaur (and prehistoric life because I know Archosaurs arent dinosaurs) lover and Speculative Biology artist, I LOVE this!

Oh bby that's cool.

This is a pretty great MOC!

Here's a fake cookie cause it's really cool :cookie:

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thanks guys. I'm still a bit surprised he is this well recieved. With the lack of criticism aside from that he has no eyes it seems like he is flawless. But I have actually made some modifications to his neck since posting this. Removing the random grey spots on the top of his neck.
Still don't have any replacements for those red joint pieces in his legs though.


This is very well built. I knew from first glance that it is meant to be a postosuchus before I read the title.

My reaction when I first saw it: it's a dinosaur! Then I read the title. :stuck_out_tongue:
Still an amazing MOC, you get 3 awesome crocs out of 3! :crocodile: :crocodile: :crocodile:

How come its front feet don't have any claws?