Posts disappearing?

A couple of days ago I wrote a reply to a topic in the Ask Greg category, and the day after, since I wanted to edit part of it, I opened that topic and my reply was completely gone.

It didn’t get flagged or anything like that, it just disappeared :open_mouth:

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It might’ve been flagged. I don’t think you really know if it’s flagged unless you check on it.

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I would like to check it, but it’s nowhere to be found.

If it was flagged and was a legitimate flag, it was probably deleted. If it was on a moc topic, it might’ve been flagged as spam for just saying cool or something similar. I don’t know tho.

I only got flagged once before, and they did send me a notification saying that it got edited by a moderator, so I honestly don’t know either.

Yeah, I don’t think you’re notified if it’s deleted. Only if it’s edited.

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The post had been deleted by a mod.

Usually edited posts will receive notifications.

– Waj