Pot8o and the Mecht8o

I may not have a noble Hau, but at least I have a few gold ones, so I decided to make @Pot8o as a Matoran. But I made something else, too...

That's right! I made me a Mecht8o! With a sword arm and a hand!

Here he is, grasping a Merry Midget. Only Mata Nui -I mean Ekimu- knows where that sword arm has been...


Mech-Tato is a copyright of @Political_Slime. Your MOC will be seized immediately. stuck_out_tongue

But in all seriousness, I like this MOC. The legs and lower arms on the mech seem a bit thin though.


You think you could just like...
Make a Kyoryu moc topic instead of a bunch of seperate topics?
Anyways the mech is pretty dang dandy, makes me wanna try making one.

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Seems an awful lot like Slurm's MOC, but it still looks good. Legs could use some serious bulking up though.

Also this:

That seems like a good idea, and I actually thought about doing that at one point, but what about the MOCs I've already made?

you could ask a mod to close them all, and then make a new topic with all of them in it.
Or just post all your mocs in one topic from now on. Kinda like CausticKrana's sketch dump or ToUD's video topics.

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