Potao's Matoran Moc

Matoran is based of the protector build, with a more custom style
I dunno, I kinda like him?
I will probs keep him assembled for a long time, since he is my first matoran moc
But the proportions are awkward, and the only mask that could possibly suit him was a pakari nuva
Yes, I dont even have a normal pakari, how sad
Honestly, I am pretty sure it sucks
but its kinda cute, ya know?


I like it. The only thing I would change would be the mask. It seems too big for the rest of the body. You probably don't have much choice, but maybe a noble Ruru would suit it better.

The rest of the MOC is very good, especially the torso. =)

Okay, my choices lie in,,
I dont have masks from 01-03

Yeesh, well that narrows the playing field considerably...

I don't think any Metru masks would work... Nor would the Inika... I'm at a loss, sorry. =\

eh its okay
Now I just need to figure out why I am not getting notifications for this

I like it. Maybe Nuparu Mahri's mask could work.

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I like the usage of a Nuva chestplate on a Matoran MOC. Noice work m8

I would have preferred the arms to be longer, but its aight non the less. GJ!

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