potay8o werlerd the game the motion picture the book the tv series

Werne oprn er tem ter was a kid namd potay8o he ws awsom, onre dey he tok his cat fer walkies te cat nam ws stircules te end.
Jk lol not rely
Sudnly man appear wid red cape and said im potato warlord i wil destroy you
De n i saay you am no rl potato for it ws yu wuu stole ma sangwich then potatowarlord expoded ot of fer i sayyd yu am not potato i m potaowelerd conqerer of all


Q. why do you write these?
A. I dont really know
Q. what is this?
A. Yes
Q. can you make more
A. dont know why you want more that but sure
Be sure to r8 at
and what do you want next?


prfct n evry wy

I hipe these typos were intentional

and yes they were

It funny I say that and make a typo

it is
very very hilarious

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