Powerpuff Girls Z

And so I return to spread freshly gained knowledge of something I honestly never expected to exist.

And this is it. Have fun now knowing the knowledge of the existence of a Powerpuff Girls anime.


Its not bad but its not good from what I’ve seen.

Then again its only a handful of episodes.

If by handful you mean like over 40, i.e. basically your fingers, toes, and then some.

Update: Check that! Switch it over 50!

It’s not bad, and Is quite enjoyable. Though it can be a bit cheesy from Time to time

I’m saying I’ve only seen a couple episodes.

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Just as good a point!

Oh, no…

Not gonna lie. This actually looks pretty cool.

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Well there goes my lunch :stuck_out_tongue:


this actually doesn’t look bad, but PowerPuff plus Anime…
I’m not too sure about it, it’s like combining Lego and Anime
or Sonic the Hedgehog and live action.
it could be good, and it definitely has that potential, but at the same time… it does look questionable.

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I forgot about that.
Exo-force was amazing, I only wish I could have picked up some of the sets while they were cheap.
Was there a show?


Yes it was

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I need to watch it.

Thanks for reminding me, dude.

anyways. I was never really a fan of Powerpuff, nor did I follow it.
My sisters don’t really watch that kinda stuff.

To my knowledge this was not, but instead a series of shorts placed on TV and online to help promote Exo-Force

and as AT said in the videos description

[quote] I believe this at one time was split into segments and released daily on Nick.com.

As for Powerpuff Girls Z, I never watched, I saw parts of it. It’s just a variant on the Magical Girl genre of Anime. Not sure if there was anything special, instead of it just being an anime take on a western show


gosh, seeing PPGZ mentioned out of nowhere just…hits me, right there. it’s one of those shows that means a lot to me for a somewhat strange reason. those simpler times of roleplaying on Google+…

it’s still a darn good anime. i’d recommend it to magical girl fans and PPG fans. also, the opening theme is a banger.