PR Dino Thunder Parasaurzord

As of now I don’t have any more zords planned; I just got bored and designed this.

Shade parasaur final cut



Gotta say, this is probably one of my favorite MOCs of yours. The design is really effective and it works well as an arm.

I really like the design of the head. Great job

Well it captures the look of the parasaur very well, the arms could be a tad longer since parasaurs could swap between walking on them and not.
Maybe you could use a system assembly and use those binocular pieces and add claws to them so it looks like the reference a bit more.

I love Dino Thunder so much. This moc is awesome, especially the fact that it can function as a weapon like it does in the show.

Yeas. This is amazing. Make more of these.

This is a really neat, simple design. I like how it can transform, and the colourscheme is cool.

How long will those lime joints last tho :smiley: