Who is this mad lad that thinks he can mix Lego’s new green with the old green and get away with it?? Absolutely mental!

The name Prásinos is profoundly deep in meaning - it is the Greek word for green. Whoa.

Mask 2

Alt masks



Really like how you made the shields. Feels a bit more grounded for practical combat!

Keep it up!


This looks great, the lower leg design is so ingenuitive.

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Loving the aesthetic of this MOC. I like the main mask the best, it adds a nice hint of silver to the torso area.

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This looks great! Where did you get those skull spider colored armor shells?

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Very cool, I don’t think I’ve seen an amalgamation between both gens quite this way before.

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Oooooh, nice. All the green works really well, and the bracelets give a great tribal feel. Also, just seeing av-matoran pieces being used brings me so much joy. I think my favorite mask would have to be Lewa Uniter’s.

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Not only did you mix old and new green but you mixed old and new dark grey! Absolute madlad.




Aha! Thank you!

@Mr.Monopoly nailed it. I don’t have that set though. I just bought the pieces on BL.

The green so striking and bold, I love it!

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Lehvak did it first.

Part of me wants to say there needs to be more of the spring green. Also, the shaping of this guy reminds me of the Anthem suits. Anyhow, looks great!

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Nice! I actually loved Anthem. I still logon from time to time to play.