Pre-Ignika Toa Geran

Hello again!
This is the Pre-Ignika Version of my most favourtie Moc i ever had ( Though it is lost somewhere at my old home ) This Moc Features Toa Geran before he died, while in his last few breaths he used the Kanohi Ignika to create him a new Body. But that's for another time, here Is Toa Geran


No offense, but he just looks like a new Tahu. You could probably give him different colors and maybe a different mask.


I need to see the entire moc, but for now the asymmetry isn't that well done and I think a new mask might be better.

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Ill work on that as soon as possible! Thanks for the critics :smiley:

um, may I ask if there's a reason behind the mismatched feet?

It looks mainly like a slightly upgraded Tahu to me


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Second Pair of colours, a third alternative would be black with some purple Accents


Considerably better.

I think it would looks pretty sweet as gold and white with purple bones, if you can. As for the build, I like it and the way things are layered. It may be simple, but it looks good, and that's what counts.

He uses the heads of his enemies as a hilt.


Some smaller changes here, mainly concerning weaponary, also i tried out the Suggestion from tak210 to add some purple bones ( only had 2 :frowning: also they )


e looks more interesting with this color scheme, although the purple doesn't do anything for it.

This most likely originates from the fact that i only have 2 purple bones ^^"

0/10, no heads of his enemies.


Heads of enemies inc

planning on shifting the colorscheme from White teal Gold o black purple Gold. just got the onua uniter of earth set so that gives me some new parts :smiley:

Here it is!


Increase the lighting and try and put white paper underneath him so that we can actually see the black, because right now it is really hard to see it

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Ill Keep it in mind the next time i take a pic!