Presidential Asisstant; Blueme

Introducing to the Blue line of robots; we would like to introduce “Code name Blueme” ! She serves as a guard for the leader (President Blue) and advisor. She carries an axe she uses in defending the universe(s?) and justice.



With President Blue (He’s sitting 'cause his legs are WIP(Don’t tell him I told you)):

Leave me some feedback about her. (Atleast say hi)


Not big on the face at all, but the rest doesn’t look bad. The face is just very out of place.

Reminds me of the NS-5 from iRobot, though I feel the torso is slightly too long and the upper thighs too short, but maybe just adding friction extenders at the top and bottom of the thigh would even the whole thing out.
Good job anyway :+1:

Like @Joe said, the head doesn’t work. The waist also is too thin, but other wise this is pretty good.

To be honest, the blue mask doesn’t really work but it looks okay. The pelvis is way to small and it looks unstable. The giant chest armour should be downsized, it doesn’t fit. The axe looks amazing, and the arms and legs are proportionate, and the thickness of them is perfect. So, take what I said into consideration, and keep MOCing!!

Hi, Blueme.