Pride Bats 001 - Skittles

And this is that bat side-project I mentioned! Why pride bats now, you ask? Well, admittedly I was making these for pride month but ran out of time… do I care? Not in the slightest! Bats are appropriate at any time of the year :relaxed:

I’ve got five of these built right now, they’ll all be posted over the coming days. There’s three or four more that I’ve got planned but haven’t built yet, hopefully they’ll be finished off soon.

Without further ado, here’s Skittles, the trans bat! I hope you like her :relaxed:


I don’t think I’ve ever seen that pink used in a BIO-MOC before. Are those pieces official, or custom made in some capacity?

In any case, it’s a color scheme I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Very candy-like in appearance. I’m guessing the change from the flag’s azure to sand blue was done out of necessity, but it turned out well (possibly better?). I also think the beast feet > wing combination is clever.

Still not a fan of that chest design, but I think the circular pieces make it better. I’d also like to see some more sand blue in the arms if possible, it’s very concentrated on the legs/waist at the moment.

Lastly, I would like to see a high heeled shoe as if it was built over the bat foot you used for shortcake now. Not necessarily on this MOC, but I want to know what that would look like.


The Bohrok eyes and Technic spacers are official, the claws and half-bushes are custom.

I used medium blue, actually. Sand blue’s even scarcer!

I could probably get some 1x1 plates in the upper arm?


I love the colour scheme, those colours always work well together


i love it
that color scheme looks great on a bat


Perfect colour distribution :relaxed:

She looks lovely.


Very nice, the colour scheme looks very good on her. The lower arm is also pretty good.


Excellent bat, I absolutely love her! Can’t wait to see the other pride bats too. Now I wish I had access to my pieces to make a pride bat for myself 🥲