Primal Carnage

Primal Carnage is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that allows players to play as first person humans or third person dinosaurs on an abandoned island in a deathmatch style of gameplay.
It's possibly one of the best dinosaur games you'll find.

Oh the human team, the players have the option of playing as:
-commando (heavy weapons guy)
-scientist (long range)
-Pathfinder (close range)
-trapper (support)
-pyromaniac (crowd control)

On the dinosaur team, there are 5 classes of dinosaurs, with several species to choose from:

-tyrant class (tyrannosaurus, spinosaurus)
-hunter class (novaraptor, oviraptor)
-bruiser class (carnotaurus)
-flying class (pteranodon, tupandactylus)
-spitter class (dilophosaurus, cryolophosaurus)

Game can be bought for $15 on steam.

Feel free to ask questions or discuss about the game here.

I also recommend you all to check out the website and the forums.

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I was expecting a Bionicle MoC of Carnage (the supervillain)

I still need to get that game, but I have ORION: Dino Horde (It's improved) in the mean time.

I was expecting a revamp of Shadowgear6335's old character Carnage.

If anyone remembers that.