Primal Mars M.O.C

this is the M.O.C. This M.O.C. is my first attempt at a complex M.O.C. and this being loosely based on the Roman God of war, Mars, as the base premise. The rest is devoted to the "War" element, which derived the Primal aspects of the M.O.C. Now with a Historical aspect of the premise, the Greek god that is identical to Mars is Ares.

...There's no pictures?


I, too, would like to see some pictures.


Why would you make a MOC topic with no pictures of the actual MOC?


I think he missed that... He is still cool!

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you posted a topic only to say that there are no pictures
without telling it in the title

why do you do this to me ;n;

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I'm new at this, sorry frowning

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It's not exactly what I'd call complex, and the torso is veeeryyy awkward, but the limbs look aight.


Has Blue nipples... kinda. +5 (jk, not included in count)
A color scheme. Better then I can do. +10
Jaller Mahri chest armor used as Chest armor. +20

Blue pins. -5
Red pins. (maybe?) -5
As Ek said, kinda awkward-looking torso. -5
No CCBS. -10
No Obligatory Nyran Shot. -10

That random grey bit on the legs is kinda breaking the color scheme. +/- 0

Verdict: -5. It's still good-ish, but could be better. Keep on trying!


Okay for your first complex MOC. The color scheme works out, and the torso looks interesting. I do think you need to do something different about the waist, the grey liftarms don't work out at all, and the silver blades on the stomach seem to hirt him as well.

@TFM101 Those and some parts on the back are meant to be bone-like parts made into armor. It has a ccbs part, it's the neck to make its neck appear longer to be more proportionally sound and a chest plate on the back to "flesh" it out more.The Jaller chest armor is to hide to underlining body (mostly the lower torso). I used red and black pins, I used red were I thought it was needed to highlight some areas. I can't really help the blue pins because the tan version would look worse.

@Ekorak It's complex to me because I'm pretty new to

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Nevermind; it's creative content and allowed here; I'll be quiet now.

Nice job on the MoC.

The silver blades are on blue pin axels. But thank you for you support.

Agreed.....I do not like the different reds ether...