Prized LEGO Collection Pieces!

Everyone has their Lego collections, whether or not sets are intact or in ruins for MOC-ing purposes. We all hold some if not all parts of our collections dearly. That being said, there are some sets and pieces that we may hold higher and closer to heart than the rest. It could be for sentimental purposes, or monetary value, or something more. What do you consider some of your prized collection pieces?

I’ll start with a few of mine (I say few because I don’t trust any of you with this info about me /s ).
For Bionicle it would probably be the Axalara T9 and Jetrax T6 just because they are so grand and display-able. Then again I also keep Toa Mata Nui, Brutaka, OG Makuta, Vezon/Fenrakk, and a few other gems out (ok, a lot of others, but that’s for another time). Even for Hero Factory I keep Witch Doctor out as one of my favorites.
As for general Lego sets, a few have endured either because I like them so much or they’re just too big to put away. For sentimental value I usually have out the Dinosaurs and Dino dinos, Buzz Lightyear’s Spaceship, and Obi-wan’s Starfighter from 2002. The other part of the list consists of large sets, including the Death Star, the 2005 Millenium Falcon, the Haunted House, and the original UCS Star Destroyer (unfortunately retired back to pieces). Oh, and how could I forget the Ninjago dragons, got to love those guys!
Don’t even get me started on sets I haven’t opened yet. That is a conversation that can’t be stopped if it gets going.


The movie edition of the Kraahkan is probably my most prized piece. I was told it was pretty rare and I don’t remember getting it, so I’d say I’m pretty attached. I also have a trans-green Kaukau, which looks awesome.

As for sets, Matau Hordika. He was my first BIONICLE and he just looks awesome. :smiley:


Any of my 01 masks…


I have a shiny silver Hau.

Any '01 masks I have that don’t come in the standard colors; for instance, a black Akaku, a white Kakama, a brown Pakari, a red Miru.

For some reason, I still haven’t built the Lego Exo-Suit or the Lego Master Builder Academy 1 kit.

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I have five “limited edition” gold-colored LEGO bricks from ten years ago. They were given free with certain orders in 2005 as part of a “50th anniversary of the LEGO system” promotion.

I’d also consider this a prize of sorts since it’s the set that saved me from going into a Dark Age.

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Listed in no particular order, we have:

Orange Vahi,
Trans-glitter Avohkii,
A Stage six Kraata Ul (Disintegration),
and the Von Nebula mask I use on Katarax.

70810 MetalBeard’s Sea Cow,
9515 The Malevolence,
75021 Republic Gunship,
7707 Striking Venom,
8734 Brutaka,
44009 Dragon Bolt,
and 7111 Droid Fighter.


2000 Millenium Falcon, 2004 Hogwarts Castle (w/Clocktower and motor), 2008 Well of Souls Indiana Jones set (I can’t remember the exact name, but I know it wasn’t as cool as Well of Souls XD), 2008 Rogue Shadow (from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed [great game btw, but the sequel was meh]) Graduation set (no idea when it came out, but I got it sometime last year after graduating from high school), 2015 Anakin’s Custom Jedi Starfighter (because the original miniseries was boss), Thornatus V9, and the 2014 Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter (from Episode III, got the original but this one is better even without the Vulture Droid).

As for parts, I hold these in high regard within my collection:
Kraahkan (black, not the movie version)
Avohkii (gold and trans w/glitter)
Vahi (gold)
Ignika (for the Glatorian head)
Infected Hau Nuva
Lhikan’s Hau and Jala’s Yellow Hau (the yellow Hau was my first mask ever, so it gets a spotlight)
Trans orange Mask of Fire (seriously, who doesn’t?)
Kanoka discs that I only have one of each for (not the great discs, but I think of them as such. However, I do have the disc of time)
Kraata, including one shadow Kraata (in stage 4 mold)

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Me Toa Mata and Nuva(only one I don’t have is Lewa Mata b/c I’m missing his mask n’ Axe), as well as the 9/12 canisters I own.

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I almost forgot about the gold bricks. I have them, too!

My completed Suva shall always remain as my 01 shrine because nostalgia


Parts wise I’d say my two Kanohi Vahi(gold), Kanoka disk of time (Orange) and my transparent glittery Avohkii

Sets wise it’d have to be Takanuva, Titan Takanuva, And Toa Matanui Titan.

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I had sworn to never take apart Maxilos, my favorite set. I kept him built for 6 years. Then, my sister threw him at the wall, causing him to fall apart, and I just said “Fine then” and stripped him apart.

I cri evrytim.


Parts wise, I want to say Lhikan’s Hau, as I believe the set was exclusive somewhere.

Set wise: All 6 Metru, never taking those beauties apart EVER. Pohatu Mata is another prized value of mine since he is my favorite Toa. As well, the grand and noble Lhikan with his mighty Kikanalo will be kept together until the end of time.

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My favorite sets I own:
Toa Lhikan and Kikanalo

Racers Technic Ferrari F1 Racer
Lego Club Max: My favorite minifigure I own.

Wow this is weird looking back at my initial comment. As an update, pretty much everything I said in the beginning is now invalid. Almost all the sets mentioned above are now disassembled and stored away. Amazing how things change…

I dont have enough room to display my sets.

All 25 official minifig helmet recolors produced from 1987-2019. The lime one has had its printing removed (only released printed in Drome Racers). 1987 and 2005 were the years when the most new recolors of this piece were introduced in Futuron/Blacktron I and Knight’s Kingdom II respectively.

The easiest to obtain colors are white and black. The rarest colors are magenta, pearl dark gray, and pearl gold.


Since this is being revived.

Not mine, but I bought my friend Spencer a Nick Bluetooth head that he’s wanted for years.