Profile Information wrong

So with the new update it gives you a summary, with your activity. And the number of topics it says I’ve created it more than double the number I’ve actually made. Other people have said that their number of total posts is wrong, among other things.


I think pm’s are counted as topics and messages in pm’s are counted as posts? Still don’t think it’s meant to happen. I’m more peeved that you can’t view likes received :frowning:

What’s going on site updaters (whoever does it). Looks cool though, just explain it or sort it out plz :slight_smile:

You also can’t view users, does this remind you of a certain Lego website the ttv cast and mods were complaining about :wink:

EDIT: @Waj just confirmed it was glitching because of the update, so it isn’t meant to be happening.

@Scarilian that wouldn’t work, none of my topics have been closed or deleted, except one and my topic number tripled. Plus @Waj just confirmed to me it was a glitch.


Its possible it may count topics or posts that have been deleted. closed or whatever. Though I’m unsure if it does.


It’s not a confirmation. I said it’s probably due to a glitch. Nothing with absolute certainty though :stuck_out_tongue:.


I trust you enough to think you’re right :slight_smile: