Prohekk: Toa of Rubble (Bionicle MOC)

Well here's another MOC made from (You guessed it) limited also extra parts. So constructive criticism is fine, but a little unnecessary seeing how this is only a concept and I don't have enough parts to make it superior. Until then here you go.

Character idea is not finished either.
Prohekk doesn't give a Dermis Turtle about much except for his duty. He doesn't care much for his brothers, nor does he even care for his look. When he first arrived and built himself, he noticed some of his pieces left over, so he just strapped them where ever and moved on. He uses a Vahki blade he found randomly in the desert, and two blasters that he reconstructs as hammers.

Special thanks to @Scorpion_Strike for the name assist.


That is a wacky looking MOC...I like it! Especially the color scheme and the way you store those blasters.

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Looks like a cool concept. Hopefully you can get the pieces together to make the proper MOC soon.

I like this guy. The junky look makes him look kind of veteran-like.


It'd be kinda nice if we could see the entire MOC all at once. stuck_out_tongue

Cool design on the hammers; I once invented a similar hammer with a Midak Skyblaster. Interesting design for the body.

I imagine his waist hurts a lot. wink


Is this the only thing you say on topics about mocs?

@charyas It's fine dude, don't force him to say anything more if he doesn't want to.

I guess you could say it's my stamp of approval I use when I either have nothing to say or it has already been said...


I wasnt trying to.

Interesting concept, needs work though.