Project Blackjack: complete

Here’s the complete project Blackjack. Although 2 things are not complete. His name and his head. I still need a name since only two people posted names. And his head is still the Meso head.

So I’ve changed up.the chest armour and made all-new legs, that are custom, and his shoulders are symmetrical now. Time do comparisons!

Yes, Simeria’s got some new shoulder armour, but more on that later. Until next time!


That’s cool, although if I remember correctly, it was stated that the Meso head was placeholder, did that change? I’m a derp.

Looks Great!
Is there some incomplete version I’ve missed?

Yeah, I posted a WIP earlier. Although not much has changed, but you can still check it out!
@Cyclopian it’s still a placeholder, but I still feel unsure about changing it…

The chest looks much better, great job. I can’t wait to see what he looks like without Meso’s mug.

Unless your anti-customs, try painting the Meso head with some black and gold, and you should be good. also, for the name,Whakamataku, Maori for awesome.

This is a good MOC. Nice Work.

Sorry, for the most part I’m a purist MOCer. I only modify parts if it increases the structural integrity of the MOC.

In that case, the Toa Inika of earth who’s name escapes me a the moment’s mask, or maybe even some version of Stringer’s helmet from Hero Factory.

this actually looks really cool ! even as it is , and i really like the build of the torso

Probably cause it’s an Inika Build.


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i couldn’t tell under all that armor xD

Okay, here is an idea.
It’s got a Meso head.
It’s black, and gold.
Raisin power (Purple).
Meso Moc?

It’s not a Meso MOC! Please stop saying that.

Whoah man.
In this topic is the first place I’ve seen it.
I’m sorry if people have said that elsewhere, it’s just a thought I had…

Well it looks pretty cool!