Project Blackjack (WIP)

My first antagonist, Project Blackjack. He was inspired by a transformers combiner wars figure by the name of Blackjack.

The character is unnamed, so post the name you think he should have and I'll pick the one i like most and put it in the next update. He is incomplete though, the whole legs, lower arms and the head are temporary. I just used the Mesonak head because it looks good with a hunch-backed look.

If you guys could not tell, he is an Inika build, sorry.

He bows to one person only...

He carries an axe, and his bare hands!

So again, lower arms, full legs, and the Mesonak head are all temporary. Post a name suggestion in the replies and I'll pick my fave. More coming soon! See ya later!


@Mesonak is that you?


He's not a Mesonak revamp...

Definitely looks like its shaping up to be an interesting looking character, looking forward to it being completed.


Right, but he has all the colors and shape of Mesonak, minus the wings.

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The man said that the head is placeholder, give 'im a break.

He looks pretty good for an Ignika build, I love the colors. However the golden gun-cover piece looks pretty bad as armor. I suggest you move it somewhere else or remove it entirely.

Yeah, I agree with you on that. I have to change it. But thanks for liking it!

I swear the first thing I thought was, "is that meso 2.0?" But jokes aside, I think this is a great moc with a lot of potential. I had no idea that it was an inika build until you mentioned it. Great moc.

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You stole my exact comment! :smile:

Mask of Life build?

It looks alright. The torso is really gappy, and the lower legs look a little too thin compared to the gigantic top, but some good ideas.

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This looks like a mix between Mesonak, Onua, and a hunchback. It still is a great moc none-the-less.


Come on everyone! He's practically done and I still don't have a name! Keep posting this names pleeeeeeeese!

You have a nice axe design.