Project Human Adaptation - First Test Data Compilation

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Project Human Adaptation - First Test Analysis

Project Human Adaptation has reached its first breakthrough. After an extensive study of the initial test footage and speaking to each test subject, my conclusions to the work are defined below. Before I continue, however, an important distinction must be made.

Fear – The psychological phenomena caused by a real or perceived threat. This phenomenon causes anxiety in the subject, and pushes them to either fight or flee in order to avoid danger and return to a safe state of mind.

Phobia – A psychological disorder. A phobia causes a great distress in those who come into contact with it. Phobias are illogical, and the steps to avoid the object or scenario often exceed the danger present. A subject with a phobia knows they shouldn’t be afraid, but they mentally and sometimes physically can’t help it.

With these two terms defined, details of the test can be seen from a different perspective. I have come to the conclusion that each of the students who volunteered for this experiment has a phobia. This trait may not seem like much, but I suspect the results observed could not have happened otherwise. With a phobia, the subjects already had an excessive amount of fear in their heads. Adding the extra boost from the amplifier only makes the fear worse. This combination allowed for more stress on their minds, giving cause for something to protect them.

It seems that my previous metaphor for fear capacity wasn’t too far off. If the mind is like an empty bucket, then the fear fills the bucket until it reaches its limit. To acquire adaptation, the mind needs to experience fear past its limit. The bucket must overflow, creating a state of hyper-fear. I believe this explains the strange phenomenon that each subject experienced.

The beings that appeared in each test were not their own entity. Closer examination of the footage showed that in each case, the subjects were actually inside of the beings. They surrounded the subjects like a shell. As for their composition, they were made of an unknown substance. They dissolved after the threat was stopped, with no residue left over. I believe them to be made of hyper-fear.

The hyper-fear which overflows out of the subjects’ bucket actually becomes tangible. It then surrounds them and solidifies. Due to being made of fear, the form varies, and takes the shape of the specific fear that caused it. For simplicity, I will refer to this occurrence as a Fear Cloak.

Fear Cloaks seem to serve as an armor in order to shield the subjects from the threats around them. However, after speaking with them about the experience during those times, I believe it has a dual function.

A prison.

The cloak is made of fear, so it stands to reason that those inside are trapped within it. The form appears when they reach their limit. While they’re inside it, the state of hyper-fear is in full effect. That’s why the forms stop the threat so quickly. Once the threat has been nullified, the cloak is no longer of use. The fear begins to subside, so the cloak can’t sustain itself. The subjects are then freed from their prison.

Learning this, I had some reluctance deciding to continue the experiment. But it’s necessary. Adaptation will take time, and the added fear from these shells will only expedite the process.

Now the experiment can continue. The subjects will be staying at this residence for the whole summer. They will each be given an amplifier to wear at all times, including bathing and sleeping. I will be slowly incorporating situations that will induce a Fear Cloak. By the time they return to school, I expect they will be more proficient at pinpointing a cause of their fears, just like the boxes from their first test. This focus in the face of fear will ensure they don’t harm anyone else if a Fear Cloak forms.

Now that I know this experiment can work, it will be worth creating files for each subject. It will compile all data I have learned about them so far, including an in-depth analysis of their phobia, reactions, and personalities. It will be updated periodically, as needed. Eight test subjects: Michael, Jessica, Cody, Ben, Kayla, Sarah, Kenny, and Emily. These children will help change the future.

Never in my life did I imagine I’d be so close to this goal. It seems the time has truly come for the human race to evolve.

- Calvin Nakos
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