Project: Shophetim (Stormtrooper Custom)

I said I was going to customize that Stormtrooper figure I got, and I did.
This is a revamping of an project I had planned last year, that I originally intended to do with a 1/8 scale Kamen Rider Double kit, but I never could figure out the right way to customize the kit for the project.

The Stormtrooper being at a much smaller scale, offers more options for customization, as there are more products out there for 6 inch tall dolls and action figures.
The head has been resculpted with Milliput epoxy putty, which does add some weight to the already loose head, but I can work around that. The white parts are simple strips of paper since I was finding it hard to find ways to mask of the area to paint.

My next step is to create the hood and cloak for the figure.

I’ll keep this updated as the project advances.


looks cool

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