Protector and Creature Combos (Updated)

I thought it would be interesting to try and combine the small sets of each year into a bigger model.

What do you think? Anyone else want to try with this it?



As soon as I find all my protector parts.

I really like that combo of Korgot and Terak, would you mind taking some clearer pictures?

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I just got back to school, so it will like 7 to 8 hours TIL I get home, and then I onely have an IPhone so... Yeah. I'll try my best tonight though.

And I'm glad you like it!

I would love to try this kind of thing, but I Korgot to make sure and have money left over from last year in order to buy this years sets.

Korgot looks nice wearing Terak

Looks much better than the Toa combo. I think the Protector of Water with Akida would be nice to see next.

Better than Onua's unity mode. Great work here!

Updated, but not much of an improvement.

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In an attempt to make a Rahi out of the two sets, I seem to have made a kronkiwongi.

Anyways, I'm going to try and do a Jungle combo tomorrow, but feel free to try it out yourself. I made this topic for that reason.


IMO this looks really good.

This is pretty cool!

It's T- Rex, ProCreature of Earth!

They're all great, but KorgoRak is the superiour of the two.

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