Protector and Mask Maker Revamps

Here are revamp of the Protectors and Mask Maker, I have uploaded 3 revamps of the Protector back in october when I was revamping bad sets and today I decided to upload the last 3 protector of Ekimu.
Also a note that I am making a remake of Bionicle G2, Korgot is male, both Nilkuu & Vizuna are twin sisters.



Statement: Eyy. EYY. No one goes stealing my identity.

Anyways, these are pretty decent, though I’m really not sure about the gender choices.

EDIT: Kivoda’s my favorite of these.

They’re good, although Nilku and Vizuna don’t really look female at all.

Might want to check that title again!

They look sweet!

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Edited title: made it grammatically correct! :smile:

These are pretty neat! I like them!

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These are sick!
I love Izotor, he looks regal. A perfect look for him since Master Kopaka is supposed to be a paladin.
Nilkuu is also great, he captures the wastelander look really well.

I like every one of them, except for Narmoto, I think he needs some black bones, his neck is non-existent, too… He doesn’t look that cool imho.

@SwagMeister You mean like Korgot set :stuck_out_tongue:
But for real, I picked those two because they are close to female then Korgot and they’re name sound more like a female character name. While Korgot is basically a body builder and have a name of a barbarian. (Funny because it’s Korgoth only without the H)

@Lord_Tuma Thanks, I shouldn’t have uploaded this while my eyes are bleeding and yelling “GO TO **** SLEEP”


These are very nicely made!