Protector Kaita

Uploading... Uploading... Uploading... Uploading... Uploading... This is going to be the last update if you want instructions you have 68 days from 7nt januari to coment after that i will stop taking reqests.


Can we have more pictures?

Dat crystal hat tho

That's pretty impressive!

Not bad. Like the crystal sombrero.

The crystal hat is a nice touch

@Umarak @Stoax @SwagMeister @Ninjanicktf @Cyclopian @Rockho This topic is only for instructions i don't mean to be rude but pleas focus on the question at hand instructions yes or no?(this also include everyone that hapen's to find this)

Nah, i'm good. I don't even have all the protectors

I don't either, so I don't mind.

they look quite interesting

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yeah I only completed 2015 bonkle 2day, but I got the protectors first... and lewa

Don't need instructions, I probably won't combine all my sets.

I only have Vizuna


@swagmeister @rockho

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I just chose my fav to buy; the Toa interest me way more.

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I guess you aren't a collector then...


lol I don't have any protectors

I think the question of whether or not people want instructions could very well be dependent on whether or not you share more pictures. As it is now, I can barely see the Kaita's builds, let alone decide if I want instructions.