Protector of Jungle PowerUP mode

I was thinking,what if i create a "PowerUP" for the PoJ instead of Lewa?
Aaaand..i created (quickly) this MOC (sort of) using the gearbox and some pieces from lewa.
For me,it looks Bulky. smiley

I can call him The Rock ,but he's the protector of JUNGLE (*Try to kill himself with some lego pieces")


I think this is what Protectors should look like.

Cool but why no chest plate?

Very nice! I did something similar with the Protector of Stone, so it's cool to see it here too.


Because it would limit the "move range" of the head.


Looks at chest
Well done.
Loos at limbs
No. Just no.

... He looks like @Matoro's self moc


Stiil a good job

it does, doesn't it?

I still love this MOC


Yeah,now that i saw @Matoro 's self moc they're similiar....BTW i didn't know that,just made a quick MOC smile

Thanks anyway smiley

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@MT_Zehvor, I found another one. Prepare the nukes.

it also looks like @pot8o's new self-moc

gosh dangit all these PoJ masks :laughing:

(But yeah, this looks pretty interesting.)

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