Protector of Stone

I was testing my skills with photoshop (which are poor)

anyway I want feedback, so be free to comment


You should add some footprints or at least show the sand engulfing his foot like this

As is, he kinda looks like he's floating.


this looks pretty good!

  • i would probably edit the feet to look more dusty. If he was walking through the sand, then he'd probably have some sand on him (and adding footprints behind him would help too lol)
  • the shadow should be longer and blurrier. Also, show the shadow originating form him like this (it doesn't have to be too dark though):



I'm not really getting the feeling he's there. I would do what @Rockho and @prpldragon stated, and I would recommend a trail of footprints behind him.


thanks you all for the feedback, Im trying to improve it,

can someone tell me how I could make the footprints?

also, is this any better?


Looks pretty good!

It looks pretty good! The only thing that throws me off is the scale. It kinda looks like Nilkuu is a giant compared to the sand dunes. Perhaps it would look better if you shrunk him down a bit?

the easiest way i can think of is to make a new layer, set it to Multiply, and draw them. Keep in mind that sand is loose, so the shape wouldn't be too sharp.
i recommend using references of actual footprints

what do you think now? (Im not pretty good at making footprints

also, which size is better?


definitely the first one, not only does he look more integrated into the background, it makes for a better image.

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This is pretty good for a first time.

Not bad.

the first one for sure. the smaller size adds to the "vastness" of the desert

they look pretty good, my only suggestion is to blur the sand ripples in them so it looks like the sand is more disturbed (although its not as noticeable in the first one)

The second one. The first one makes him look toy-size. The second one makes him look to scale wit the dunes.


Some great art for my favourite protector...

thanks you all guys/girls that liked it, I uploaded it to Flickr so if anyone wants to check it there you go
Protector of Stone
I tried to make it better, but the PSD file got deleted, so I cant do it anymore, its hard for me to do it without my layers