Protector of Stygian Ice


Well, it looks good. Nice and solid color scheme, besides the trans blue tips of the mask. Other than that, nice work!
Any story details? Any more photos? It’d be easier to write a full review with that stuff at my disposal

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C’mon, we all know you’re referencing Rebels. I appreciate it.

I don’t see the reference.

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The episode named “Protector of Stygeon Prime”.

That sounds like a more of a coincidence.

Oh, well. I guess the spelling is different. :neutral_face:

More pictures please and then I can judge it

Pretty certain that this is what he meant:

of or relating to the Styx River.


My one gripe is the lack of trans-blue that is only in the mask and weapon.

Wow, this looks really cool. I love the torso.

The MOC is very cool and looks like a very powerful being!