Protector of the Desert Sands

I found the Protector of Stone for $4.99 at the Lego store the other day. Put him together and thought it’d be cool to have an edgier version.

So that’s why I made up this guy. He is the Protector of the Desert Sands, and his look is meant to be inspired by spiny lizards like this one:


looks good, but the legs are a little small

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Awesome, gets the desert motif across well while still looking pretty cool.

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Groovy man.

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I think everything’s fine besides the shoulders just because they seen too broad. But the colors are well done and get the look across well.

They are really broad, aren’t they? I was going for an exaggerated, almost cartoonish look. Perhaps I went a bit to far with the stylization.

My only issue is the feet, there’s too much of your accent color (white) on it.

I love everything, especially the exaggerated shoulders, they add more character to the build.

Overall: 9.7/10 :thumbsup:

Really nice, alrhough the orangish studs look off, but I think it is forgiveable since it’s a gun. And the white looks odd in some places

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Looks pretty cool!

This guy needs to stop skipping leg day lol.

The moc is pretty cool overall, I like the color distribution :smile:

Bit small, but good. :smile:

Shoulders are a bit wide, but my comment from your Ice Protector still stands.

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I got to admit this looks great.
Interesting build.