Protector of Water Equipment

I made this little thing a while back, when the sets were finally available online, I bought Gali and PoW or Kivoda if you fancy the given name.


The claw and shield are kinda awkward, but that water scooter....gosh, it's amazing! And it flows well with Kivoda's colour scheme! Great job!


That's really cool! I love it!

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Love the water scooter, looks much cooler than what the set had IMO.


I admit the shield and the claw do look a little wonky, but it's not terrible. But thanks, I tried to make the vehicle be more fitting to it's colors, I also wanted to make something similar for every Protector, but I only did minor changes and weapon alterations for each, for example Korgot got a crystal hammer instead of her "star drill"


I love those tools! The lIttle water vehicle looks great! And the yellow claw is great! I'd give it a 8/10 cause well the vehicle could look a little a smoother. But good job!!!! smile_cat

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Thanks, I tried to make the vehicle fitting for underwater travel with what I had.


These are pretty Cooul! sunglasses

I especially love the Water Scooter; it just looks Amazetastic!

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I would steal that and trademark it, but the computer I'm using can't do a trademark symbol. :disappointed_relieved:


To be fair, I've had this under my shoes for about a year now (I use it in real life)...

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Wowa, this looks like a companion to the Glacier Scooter Darknova made. I love it. Does the shooter work though ?

I got to say these are pretty great!
Especially the water scooter.

Yes, I left enough space so it can be turned and fired, I don't recall seeing that glacier scooter, care to link me, please? :3

The water scooter is reminiscent of Lesovikk to me. I like it!


idk, something about this feels.. off. Maybe it is the big bright yellow pieces.

Amazing water scooter! I really like the shield too, you get a 10/10 from me. And 1 awesome crocodile