Protector prpldragon

Completed this only a few weeks ago when i finally got terak.

Prpl uniter mode

Dragon mode. Using the onua mask as a pendant of sorts.

Prpl and dragon

Behold the pharah inspired prpldragon mode.

Gravity orb wings

Comparing with a generic protector

I used Xeros’s art as a refrence. Prpldragon armed with a silver stylus Because i dont remember where my gold ones are :sweat_smile:


That looks realky nice, the trans-blue is a little bit off, but everything else is really good



Looks pretty swell. Although some of the camera shots make it hard to see what is going on, for me at least.

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Both builds could be a bit cleaner, and if the creature is intended to have a jaw there check out my terror bird topic to see another method of giving them a Lower jaw you may like.

But I like it nonetheless.

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aaayyyy looks snazzy~ (☞゚ヮ゚)☞


@Kopeke_Nuva thanks, its probably just my camera my bad.

@AwesomeJoel27 thanks! I’ll go try it out.

@prpldragon thanks! (╭☞´ิ∀´ิ)╭☞

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Please tell me what mask is the one you use for the generic protector!

It would definitely benefit from being constructed in a larger scale, but it’s nice as it is. @Toa_Vladin its not an official piece; it kinda looks like modeling clay

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Do you buy it from a store like shapeways?


I get it now.

That’s actually kinda clever.

I’d get rid of the old purple Nuva hands; they clash with the new purple. And why are the feet on tip-toe?


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@Toa_Vladin i made the mask myself, actually with oven bake clay.

@Rockho i may update it to a bigger scale someday, but for now its going to be protector prpldragon.

@21sselliW yeah! Got that wordplay! I put her on tiptoe because i felt she would have looked like bigfoot if i kept her feet flat. Also since prpl mentions about how tall she is i thought why not.