Proto-DW v2

Thanks for the reviews, they help me to improve as a MOC creator. Thank you very much.
This is basically Proto-DW but even more buffed. All black, with a slight touch of lime (pun) and trans green, but that is temporary.
Hope ya like it, and down there is my Storytelling Me, telling you why he is even better. Goodbye.

What’s up guys! Storyteller here! How is it going? I hope you are doing great!
Well, this awesome guy here is Proto-DW when, so emotionless, scavenged his dead brother’s body, becoming even more powerful, tearing apart the evil. He made Makuta Teridax himself run just by looking at him! Even Mata Nui thinks that he could be surpassed by Proto-DW, but he also knows that he has feelings, while Proto doesn’t. Mata Nui is by now thinking how he could revive the hero of legend, Walker, so maybe Proto could get his emotions back. So, see ya guys, hope ya like the story at least! Baiu!


It looks a lot better! I don’t have much to say other than good design with the hands. If you could somehow make there not be those two blue pins in the center it would look even better!


@Aquaris thanks for the review! The blue pins have an explanation, I already gave it on the other post, but no problem. The blue pins are meant to represent his core and his brother’s core. Thank you again!
@AdamusTheFirst he does have it, but I managed to hide it. It is still functional, tho.
@Joe that was a writing bug, sorry! He made makuta run by looking at him. And dang you are the first kamen rider fan that I found! Geez finally someone that also likes tokusatsu!

This personally would look better all black but looks pretty promising

This is the best version I’ve seen this far.

alright cool.

Looks much better than the previous iteration. Looks a lot more cohesive.
Also, does if still hold its original function?

This sounds incredibly and pointlessly overpowered but okay.

The MOC is a definite improvement, and I’d dare call it perfect if there was only one kind of lime and no yellow.

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Much better without those excess colours. Could probably do something else with the hands, those foot pieces are a bit odd.