When his brother (supposedly) died he lost all his emotions. No compassion, no mercy, no fear. He just upgraded himself more and more, until he couldn’t anymore. Until he was as strong as the great beings themselves.

This moc was basically an upgrade I made for Proto-D, making him harder, better, faster, and stronger.
Maybe there is someone already commenting “there are two blue pins”. But it is intended, it is supposed to represent his core and Walker’s core.
He sometimes wears his brother’s old things, like his machine gun.

When he sees a snow flake, he starts to cry mechanically, showing no emotion.

I managed to cover the back bone pieces, and I also implemented the old skull basher function.

Hope y’all like it.


Though I like the basher function, these colors are all over the place and the torso’s cluttered. I can barely tell what’s going on there.


@Lord_Tuma ya should read the rest of the story first :stuck_out_tongue:
@Brunamal I already said that he cries mechanically, not like this :’( , but like this
@Rockho I think you are kinda confused, idk who Arthur is

And here we see the oxymoron in its natural habitat.

It’s… Okay. The different colours stand out a bit too much, maybe try and get rid of at least the orange Kardatoran legs.


Yeah, the colors are all over the place, if you focused on one color for it, it would help.

get rid of the bright colours they are the mane elephant in the room try using darker colours

This guy took godmodding literally

0/10 was expecting Arthur’s sister /s

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The color scheme is a complete mess, but the build looks alright.

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I did tho
It just looks cluttered.

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