Protodemon MOC

this is the protodemon he was created when a piece of toa seal fell into the liquid protodermis. Feeding on the fear of his victims searches the world looking for food. His arm is hooked chain with crystal that created him.

I’m sorry but you have to turn your head :smile:
in his ghostly tail I built a mechanism

rotating the rack to make the tail starts to move in such a way


Good job! I like the function.

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That is really cool. I like that it has a gear function.

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This is pretty good, but I have a question. It obviously doesn’t flop around on land with that tail, so does this thing float in the air, or does it swim?

I like the function and the overall design, looks a bit demonic


I like the design, but that origin.

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I like how you incorporated the utterly useless Skrall head into this.

Love it

professional secrecy XD