Protodermis Entity - 2015 Redux

Yet again an older creation returns in a new form, this time it's, I'd assume, a fairly known character from the Bionicle lore the Protodermis Entity. I used to have two versions of this fella

but after a while a I realized I don't need both just one, so I merged the two into a single MOC



Pretty consistent colour scheme, especially for an entity of pure protodermis.
Nice, tall, titan set.


Disproportionate all-around.
Blue pins really stick out.
His neck juts out a bit too much, detracting from the overall "buff" aesthetic.
The Piraka torso on his chest looks a tad bit plain.


He's a pretty decent MOC, nothing to really complain about. Although he isn't terrible, his cons do outweigh his pros.


To be fair, since the character itself is a shapeshifter, the proportions can be cheated with a little, not to mention why should a living pool of liquid care about which part of his is in proper proportion? As for the blue pins I can't really do much about it as I barely have any of the black ones left to use. And what do you mean by the Piraka torso looking plain? I personally don't see a point in putting anything there as it would stick out needlessly.

Pros: Its preety cool
Cons: I dont have those 4 chrome Haus :C

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If it means anything I never managed to get the CD from the Powerpack ^_^; , though I do have 3 Hafu Tohungas

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...and 3 Hafu's

Great ;w;

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Pretty epic! I like the Leg design the most out of the whole moc but the mask is also cool!

ok, you have 4 chrome hau's and only used one on this moc.
use the other three on this moc.

fill in the sockets on the shoulders.

maybe do something around the neck since it's a bit flat.

the blue pins don't actually stick out that much...

as for the proportions, the torso could be shortened a bit, otherwise they're fine, gives the moc a very unsettling feeling.

Hau did you get so many Chrome Hau's?!?

Honestly, it was pure luck, an online market place I usually buy from had a few auctions through out the years and some people had the mask either in a pile or selling the "unopened" PowerPack, though the unopened part was not exactly true as I don't have the CD nor the actual box it originally came in.