Prpldragon's art topic

This topic will be where I post my art on the off chance that I draw something Lego-related. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

I’ve been rewatching (listening?) to like everything on ttv and got into a bionicle mood, so here’s a Korgot. Her color scheme is probably my favorite of any Lego set.
This is also the first Bionicle fan art I’ve really put effort into so I’m not yet used to the whole “mechanical” thing, but I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. : D

This is my ninjago fanzine submission (and a transparent version just for fun.) :Y Might make more submissions, might not, who knows.

I’m gonna try to draw all the protectors now, maybe some toa. His armor kinda reminds me of a turtle somehow, so I based it off of that.


long time no post woops

pirate jay cuz im excited for season 6 (╭ರᴥ•́)


Noice! Korgot looks awesome!


That looks really great! Good Job! I wish my art was that good…


HOLY COW that is good.

Since this is a creation topic you can just post whatever you add instead of editing. In fact you can even double post (post twice in a row, normally against the rules) to add more content.


10/10 would rate again. I love your art style it’s very colorful and cartoony.


Post as in reply to myself, right? (thanks for responding though. i really appreciate it~!)

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reminds me of the smash challenger introductions

Drills the competition!"

I love the shoulder armor redesign,
but you sort of missed the mark on the drill, it looks more like a shield,
granted the set version doesn’t look much like a drill either.

Also I might just be crazy, or it might just be because I’ve been binge watching it, but this reminds me of JJBA for some reason.


Yeah. And you can edit the top post if you want everybody to see all of it up at the top. Here is a great example of another art topic:

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oh cool, thanks~!! :smiley:

Love the accuracy and attention to detail

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I really like this.


More… give us more…


holy crap man, that looks great


And i just saw that on Deviantart a few minutes ago

Looks amazin


Don’t realy like Spray outlines, nor Eye design

But overall, nice shading and Transparency!

Yay a decent Korgot sketch that doesn’t look like a guy or overly femine! Also that’s quite the mouthful of a name you got there.


she look awesome

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some amazing artwork. I can draw good but not that good. I like your style :smile:

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Nice work i’d love to see your work with a toa or Nilkuu

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From what I’m guessing, her name is like Purple Dragon.