Psithur, Rogue Shadow V1 [SELF-MOC]

Oh, look who it is again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, been awhile, but I’m here.

Also with a MOC. (Totally Crap) :stuck_out_tongue:

I use that emoji too often.

Bet, eh, I guess it’s something.

First off, I apologize for the lack of pictures (My fault). I was having so much trouble posing him, I was just like “Y’know what, screw it” and just posted.

Well without further r3d00 (wut?) here is mah Self-MOC. I wanted to leave out anything storyline related until I ACTUALLY work on my story. God knows how long that’ll take…




Go on…

W-wait, that’s it?

Well then…

This is awkward…

Told you I got lazy…



Those vizorak legs don’t seem to fit anywhere on this dude.

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OK. I figured that it could give him a bit more flare or something to stand out, but I see what you’re trying to say and I totally understand. Thanks. Funny, because I decided to remove them for V2 LOL.

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Yeah, other than that it looks quite smooth and solid. That head is quite interesting.

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Because uninteresting black MOC > Silver Tahu



Then why make it in all black? I like the build, but it is in need of something special. Throw in a bright contrast color and you will have a winner. Maybe lime green, bright pink, light blue, lavender, purple, or some unusual color. Black goes well with almost any color, after all. One of those would make all the difference. Also, a weapon would be great, too! Unless, of course, those claws are the weapons.


It’s called V1…Just a start, afterall. By ‘flare’ I meant with textures/ shaping, not colors. Must just be my wording. I realize a weapon would be great. I’m just lazy… And…sure, his claws can be weapons becuz Bionicle. Thanks.

Looks like an interesting design. Nice use of that mask to give him slits for eyes

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2 things bug me about this MoC. The mask position and whether his knees have proper leg articulation

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It doesn’t look like his knee can bend past 30 degrees.

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Thanks for the criticism, I’ll be sure to fix those in V2!


You’re right. Thanks for leaving a comment!