Psithur, Toa of Shadows V5 [SELF-MOC]

He’s back bois



Many improvement’s here, so props to that.

I like the colours, the blue contrasts well with the black, which works well. The addition of transparent orange is nice, and it also goes well with the blue. From what I can see the chest area seems to be built very well, and and looks solid, as well as looking good. I like the stomach area, and the parts that are used for abs, however I’m not such a fan of the lower torso. It flows well with the rest of the MOC, but it creates quite a gap between the thighs.

The rest of the MOC looks to be fairly simple, yet effective. From what I can see though, there seems to be some hindered articulation, particularly in the upper arms, and possibly the head. If it connects via an axle like I think it does, why not just use a ball joint or mixel joint.

A picture of the back would have been nice, but from what I’m seeing it doesn’t look too bad, and seems to have some interesting parts usage. The wings are a nice touch. They could have been bigger, maybe using 2 of each piece either side for more of an insect look, but they do still look good as they are.

Overall, this is a very good self-MOC in my opinion. Not too different from the build style of my own, complex on the inside, simple looking on the outside. Good job!

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You managed to use those darn large Technic panels that I can never find a use for! :laughing:

Great work here! That’s a really interesting waist design, and everything else is really solid! Nice work!

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Liking the new colors… great work m8!

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