Psycho Jester Moc

A new evil has come to Okoto and he has come to cause chaos. He is the Jester!

He was an Okotoran merchant who traveled around. But, when the shockwave of power (Makuta and Ekimu's fight) came, he was caught and gained power of control and creation and he became insane. After a coma, he found out he could create anything at his will and decided to use it for his own evil deeds.Back shot.His shoulder tassels can become his backup weapon and he has two extra arms. Also, note he is un-finished having temporary pieces for now. Please leave a comment and constructive criticism is always helpful.


Pretty cool Moc, although it's odd how you keep next the images rather than underneath them.

I did make the topic (with the pictures) on a phone not on a computer.

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That makes sense. Still, I really like the moc. I think he looks like a very powerful being, and the Toa might be a little in over their heads.

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@Ninjanicktf Thanks alot! :smiley: