Public Transportation

Bus, Plane, Train, Taxi, Boats, etc

talk about public sources of getting around


I’ve been on a plane once. I live kind of in the middle if nowhere, so I’ve never had any experience with buses, taxis, e.t.c.

Yeah, that is pretty much me…

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A single bus ticket in Canada costs 4 dollars. Granted, it grants you unlimited transfers for about 2-3 hours but sheesh, some people have to spend 8 bucks everyday to go to work and back :expressionless:

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I’ve never been on a train or a boat, but it’d be cool to go on either of them. Never been a fan of flying on a Plane.

I move arround by car, have never on a plane or train and I would like it

I usually don’t use it, living in a very small town, but when I use it in big cities, it tends to be, well, bad.

Toronto has pretty great public transportation. I can get to literally anywhere I want to with it.

I hear in a lot of other cities though it’s pretty useless.


School buses are a pain. Anyone want to vouch for that? The only good thing I can see them being for is that they’re an ideal place to select your next vic- I mean, an excuse to draw without your family watching.

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I don’t like buses. So many smelly weridos, and moments of me wondering if I’m missing a contact lense, or thinking my wallet’s gone, or worry when the bus would stop and let a few more freaks get on.

I hope someone gets that reference.

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I have to take a bus every school day

Oh, I just remembered one time I took a subway in DC. That was interesting.

Ive been on all these (Thomas the Train counts right)


I never really have used any because my city does not fund much in that regard. Downtown the things exist, but not quite in my area.

Rode a bus once. There were a lot of sketchy people and it smelled. Never again >_<

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I hate flying.
Apparently being thousands of feet in the air while having the entire plane shakes doesn’t sit well with me.

I guess you could say gravity hurts. HA I beat you all to it.

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Busses are not my thing, especially when they’re lacking proper AC and it’s a 100 flippin degrees outside and the sun shining on you. (Fahrenheit).

I’ve flown a few times before. Every time, my plane got delayed a few hours before taking off

Plane, car, truck, big truck, monorail, boat, my bike, my legs, my brother, and a motorcycle.