Pukak and Koiwa: Guardians of Kokoto

So these are my snow themed Mocs from late 2015-early 2016. Pukak has the controversial color of keet Orange for an ice character, so ya.


Pukak is a female guardian of Kokoto and has a blaster armed with ice blades. She is nimble and swift, she tends to stick further back then her counterpart and only uses the blades on the blaster if she has to.


Koiwa is a male guardian of Kokoto and wheelds an elemental axe. He is slower and uses his axe for close quarters. He uses his tactical mindset to outsmart opponents on the battle field.

Together they are the Kokotan Guardians.

Please critic and such! (Btw, the names mean soft snow and owl I believe)


these look pretty cool IMO XD

Man, I really wish that I got snow where I live. Good MOCs, though.

these look really cool and i really like the weapons also i wish that i had snow where i live because its summer right now . .

Looks good, I like the snow!

The first one I like the most, the torso combined with the poses and atmosphere are really nice!

The other one is kinda meh…it’s basically your average 2015 build, but it looks alright nonetheless.

The gold and yellow looks off though, maybe they ate too much yellow snow?

Pukak looks the best of them: her torso and weapon look amazing. Even though I don’t like the use of the skullies bone piece here.

Koiwa is not bad. The build is good.
What I don’t like about him is the use of the Bohrok head pieces in his weapon, they kinda look out of place.

Nice work.

kokoto? lol wut

pretty cool for what they are.

I think the names should be switched. Or something. Good job anyways, I guess.