Pukeko Family

So most of you are from not-New Zealand, so you probably have no idea what this is meant to be. The pukeko is a native bird to New Zealand that’s moderately common (in the countryside atleast).

The pukeko model here was made as an entry into a competition each year by the Christchurch NZ based LUG (LUG 4x2) to make a set for their annual Christchurch Brick Show, and luckily it won! So it will be made into 500 custom made sets for the show (note: not actually an official Lego set because I know some people will think it is).

If anyone here lives close enough to Christchurch to come to the show, I’ll be there so come say hi.

Below is what will actually be in the set

In hindsight I really should have built the neck differently. It was built so that it resembled the bird when doing a long stride with their neck stretched out when really their necks tend to be up a fair bit more.


I’m not from New Zealand, my mum is though and I do know about these birds.
We also have them over here in Australia in places.

They’re quite simple but they still look very nice.

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I like the scenery build. The bird themselves are :+1:

Australia and New Zealand wildlife has always fascinated in numerous ways, so it’s nice to see actual MOCs of certain animals from that area. I will agree that the neck could’ve been built a little differently, but otherwise this is solid.

It’s a nice balance of accuracy and imaginative flair; those eyes adding an innocence that makes the birds so much more endearing.

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These are look adorable
I love how they look :+1:

Cool beans man

The birds are really creative, but I also admire the scenery in the first photo. Well done.