Pukenga, Master Sculptor

Hello everyone on the Boards!

So this isn’t anything particularly amazing, but I wanted to share the little guy since he’s grown on me.

Pukenga was more of an experiment than anything else. I like using Rahkshi bodies to make smaller MOCs like Turaga, but I wanted to make a Matoran since I hadn’t ever made any decent Matoran builds.

This is what I got out of it. It isn’t perfect, by any means, but it works well. He’s small, compact, and fairly poseable, so I enjoy having him around!

He’s not very fleshed out as a character yet. I have some basic ideas, but nothing substantial yet. Basically he’s one of the Matoran on the island Una-Nui, the home of my Self-MOC Ghar and his team. He’s an artist by trade, and he’s particularly fond of sculpting, so much so that he carved his own mask from a block of solid stone (a design he claims to be unique to him)! He’s eccentric and naive, and always seems to talk himself into or otherwise stumble upon unexpected trouble. Wherever he goes, his hammer and chisel aren’t far behind!

Here he is!

Front view.

Back view. I like the way the System pieces make up some sort of large piece of back armor. Also, chairs…seems like all my Stone MOCs use chairs…

Side view.

An inside look to how that CCBS shell is attached. Like you smarties needed to know!

A better look at the construction around the Rahkshi body.

“Fight me! C’mon, I can take ya!”

Hard at work chiseling nothing! Too bad his arms are so short he can’t do any decent art!

Getting ready to make a big strike!

Well that’s it for now! I have some other things on the way, as soon as I get pictures! Expect those soon!

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Someone is not familiar with a certain red and orange armored Toa from 2002

I love the back coverage (probably more than the front!)

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he’s alright

i like the custom torso, and the brown tahu mask

He looks really good! I would just replace his limbs with Bohrok limbs.

I envy that brown Hau Nuva.

Quite a solid Matoran build. Good work!

Well to be fair, the poor guy does live on a secluded Southern island with little to no knowledge of outside cultures!


Alas, I had four light grey ones, but two I used in Andreas a long time ago and the other two I think I misplaced!

It’s pretty cool! Got it from an 02 Mask Pack, although sadly it’s one of only two Nuva masks I have that are a different color than their default, the other being a silver Akaku Nuva.


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I digg it :stuck_out_tongue:

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#Zero Out Of Ten
######No Hafu


I like the torso construction, but the rest seems kind of generic.

Non-canon Hau Nuva is Non-canon

No, but really, this is pretty good, and in all seriousness I do like that you did explain why his mask is a Hau Nuva (although from what I know of the lore, a carved stone wouldn’t exactly work as a mask)

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Well yea, the real thing with this guy was me trying to build a custom Matoran torso, the rest I didn’t really put more effort into.

And I like that you like that I explain my own lore! :smile:

No it would not, but considering that Matoran masks don’t really do anything power wise I don’t find it too bad. Also, I can work around that right now, I guess, by saying my inventor character, Ari, put a mask faceplate inside Pukenga’s carving so it would still function to keep him out of a coma like a normal mask.

The power of loopholes!

Thanks, guys!