Pumpkin reaper

I have no idea why I drew this…


I like it though

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Since you draw so often, maybe it’d be a good idea to sorta just make one topic you update over time?

That said, it looks pretty good. Love the shading.

A unique drawing. Quite random though.

good idea!

Nice, I like how the scythe looks.

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Thanks, it’s just that you make a lot of topics due to how often you make individual drawings, and they may get more attention if they’re only displayed in one place, rather than one for each!

Not gonna lie, I expected this.

but this is good too


Looks awesome! I love his face!

I wish I could make something like that though


He means the character not the art.
(its also a screenshot from the game)

Its not bad, the face is kinda long and the scythe is small.

I’m not sure what expression the face is trying to make people feel, but i like it :stuck_out_tongue:

This is really cool and spoopy. But what really gives me the hibbie jibbies is that baby ghost

Umm, that’s was just a rubbed out drawing mistake but, sure, i’ll go with baby ghost!

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