It’s that classic boxing game that follows a short guy fighting a bunch of stereotypes of people around the world, and then that french guy with the glass jaw.

What do you guys think of this series?


I played both the Wii version and NES version.
It’s pretty good.

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I’ve seen the Wii version. I think it looks better than the NES version, but some may disagree.

I loved the NES version, especially Glass Joe. :laughing:

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Glass Joe is the best boxer in the entire series. He’s, like, the pinnacle, the GREATEST of them all, besides Von Kaiser.


Von Kaiser is better than Sliced Bread. No, he’s better than Soda Popinski!


I actually have an NES. So If I ever find Mike Tyson’s Punch out at a good price, I’ll get it.

I own an NES. It’s in good condition, too. I need to actually PLAY the game, since I’ve only seen my dad play the game. He’s good at it, too.


This is like my favorite NES game :P.

I prefer to use his proper name, Vodka Drunkenski :stuck_out_tongue:

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Like I said, these guys are all based off of stereotypes. Some of them kinda rude, too. But whatever. It’s fun to see them, as they’re all comical. XD


This game sounds intresting!

Oh yeah, it’s a classic. Not only does it involve timing, it’s also kind of a puzzle game, having to figure out your enemy’s weakness while you have to worry about not getting beat up!