Puns Mafia Sign-Up.

On a smol island, there lived a civilization of puns. They live making jokes until, a group of them turned… into a forbidden bad pun. This slowly affected some around them and they formed a small mafia bent on destorying all the good puns.


Puns: The villagers of the island, have to find all the bad puns and kill them.

Bad Puns: The standard mafia role, have to kill all the villagers.

Special Roles:

Laughter: Can revive one dead player at any time in the game, or choose to protect one player for a round.

Roast: Reveals any players role.

Prank: Kills three people of Prank’s own choice.

Player List:
We’ll go to 20, but I’ll keep it open a day after that in case anyone wants to still join.

  1. @Omega_Tahu
  2. @Ace
  3. @Shadowrockboy190
  4. @Ghidora131 .
  5. @jayzor17
  6. @Toa_Vladin
  7. @Radiation-7901
  8. @Zero
  9. @YEE
  10. @Invader_Rose
  11. @Willess12
  12. @fangface1

There are two, yes two GMs for this game. They are me (duh) and @LTVmocs.

The game will start a day or two after we reach 20 people. There will be 12 Puns, 5 Bad Puns, and three of the special roles.

If you have any questions ask us GMs.


Wait what.

Why tho?

Anyways, I’m in.

He had the concept and I thought we both could do it.

Hey guys. I am here to witness the creation.

Ok. Just seems that it could get a bit chaotic with 2 GMs.


We asked Slime though… We are special… /s

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I’ll join, cause this looks pun


He’s a mafia guys


I’m in

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My covers has be blown!

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Oh why.

Why did you ask me to do this @DannyBoyy?

The answer is no.

Like, non-negotiable.

k den

Is this one sanctioned.


No I mean by a mod.

You bet it is.

We can the evidence. And slime

Welp I clearly didn’t read enough of the rules so since my mafia got cut off by the neck I guess I’ll just join this one and run mine past Slime once this is nearing an end.

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Was just about to ask that. Glad no one’s getting banned this time. Sorry OT, couldn’t help it.

Anyways, I’m in.


I will try to be as active as I can.

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