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First night.

Willess was in his joke manufacturing plant, when a knife fell from above, immediately killing him, while he screamed

The suspects are:

@Ghidora131 who was across the block whole the murder was happening. He is a police officer, and said he was doing his rounds, but he didn’t have his knife with him when asked to produce it.

@Invader_Rose ran a knife and sword shop, and when searched was found with Ghidora’s knife in one of the corners of the store.

@Toa_Vladin, the town executioner, was found with blood dripping from his shoes, but was also known to be a reformed serial killer with a penchant for knives.

and @YEE, the gun shop owner, a known rival of Willess. It had also been reported the two had gotten into a heated fight a couple of days before the murder.

You all have around twelve hours to solve the murder.

If I don’t show up then @LTVmocs will finish up.

Oh, and in other news, @Radiation-7901’s house was attacked by an unknown perp, who used toilet paper and eggs, who reportedly ran away screaming “Prank!”.

wait when did I become a police officer


also the gif isn’t loading propers

When you applied to become one, silly.

I am a executioner? So creepy!


O snp I forgot about the application form

I didn’t think they would accept Comic Sans

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is anyone going to vote

Don’t worry, we have 12 hours…

@Ghidora131 when did you lose your knife?

@Invader_Rose why did you have Ghidora’s knife?

@Toa_Vladin why did you have blood on your shoes?

@YEE what was the subject of your argument with Willess?

Firstly why is a former serial killer the executioner

Secondly it’s awful suspicious he’s got blood on his shoes - dripping, at that - when he had nothing to do with it. And he has a penchant for knives?

I wouldn’t be too surprised if @Toa_Vladin stole one of my knives (why do I have knives) and chucked it into @Willess12 who died the most uninspiring death ever.

With that being said, I vote @Toa_Vladin for suspicious everything.[quote=“fangface1, post:8, topic:37743”]
@Ghidora131 when did you lose your knife?

@Invader_Rose why did you have Ghidora’s knife?

Rose probably had the knife because Vladin hid it there. The scene states the knife was dropped into Willess’ head, and therefore had to retrieve it, explaining the blood on his shoes.

The only thing that doesn’t add up is why there were no tracks of blood anywhere, but it’s likely that Vladin, having found a way into the rafters of the building quietly, also had a premeditated route of escape, only must have been discovered before he could get to cleaning his shoes.

Oh, and like how I didn’t know I was a cop, I don’t think anyone else knew what they were either, so asking me when I lost my knife when I didn’t even know I had one is a little pointless.

You seem awfully sure of this. Wouldn’t it make sense for an executioner to have blood on his shoes? Sure, he’s a serial killer, but that actually makes him less likely to be the killer because that would be too obvious. In fact, using my powers of meta-speculation, you’re probably the killer due to the fact that you appear to have the least to do with the murder. Everyone else is a clear red herring. I vote @Ghidora131

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I have blood on my shoes because I cut a chicken for dinner.
Personally, even is @Ghidora131 think I am the killer, I will vote for @Invader_Rose. Why did you had @Ghidora131 's knife, man?

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We can’t safely assume that his knife was the weapon that killed Willess, especially when Knives are so commonplace and so many suspects seem to have a relation to them. Now, do I believe that @Ghidora131 was the killer? I would lean towards no, simply because he acts a red herring by being the one to explicitly have a weapon

Plus he makes good points

So he’s another knife related character, and runs a store. Now the question is, why did he have @Ghidora131’s knife? Perhaps it was planted to divert suspicion? Or maybe it’s a much less sinister motive, and it just needed to be repaired. I’m leaning towards it was planted though.

So this could go a few ways. Either we are in a backwards town where they still chop off people’s heads, which I doubt because of the mention of a factory and guns. Or we could assume this is before the invention of more practical and ethical executions. Or perhaps @Toa_Vladin is the killer, because I find it hard to believe that the town wouldn’t doll out execution through lethal dose or electric chair

Also, while reading up about execution methods, it turns out if you are sentenced to stoning but manage to escape, you are set free. The more you know…

The only suspect without a relation to knives… But he’s most likely not it, because he has a motive, which is almost always an indicator of a red herring

I vote @Toa_Vladin

As opposed to the serial killer, weapon shop owner, and guy who actually has a reason to kill Willess

Though I’d say from a logical standpoint, even if he isn’t the killer, the mafia would have a lot to gain out of a cop. Moreso than an executioner.

Eh, that’s sorta true. But his weapon is definitly meant to grab attention, especially when it’s mentioned in two suspect clues. But we don’t even know if that’s the weapon, so assuming it is might be unwise.

Not to mention, a motive is always the biggest give away that it’s a red herring.

But the weapon doesn’t just draw attention to Ghidorah, it also draws attention to Invader. In fact, it actually makes sense for Ghidorah to have a weapon because he’s a cop

Yeah. Officers today sometimes carry a knife, but they aren’t required.

I still think that automatically thinking that the knife is the weapon would be unwise.

@Ghidora131 logic is sound. I vote for @toavladin

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3 votes for Vladin, 2 for Ghidora, and 1 for Invader.

Sound good?


Should we do a poll?

  • This good.
  • This ain’t good.

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That’s not how mafia works…

You put scenes up every 12 hours…