Purchasing Advice

I really need advice. What is better? 75111 darth vader coast: 31,42 USD or 70795 mask-maker vs skull grinder coast: 30,07 USD? I can't decide and I can afford only one.

In terms of pieces, Darth Vader gives more. I'd say he's the better choice.

I have both, and I like Darth Vader more. I think MMvSG is a great set, and there's pros and cons to both:
MMvSG pros:
Two 'sets'
lots of weapons
Mask of Creation (I bought the set just for the mask)
nice ccbs pieces
more ccbs than technic
Korgot+Narmoto= Ekimu
Must have Bionicle 2015 set

MMvSG cons:
Masks fall off
stud shooter is finicky (This one is okay though because if you press the axle together with the hammer it's not as loose)
Skull Grinder is meh

Darth Vader pros:
Frickin' Darth Vader
really nice looking set
very tall
more technic oriented
custom torso
uses CCBS, Technic, and System
cool cape, lightsaber, and head
nice CCBS add-ons
Must have SW set

Darth Vader cons:
Add-ons on arms fall off when in use
only comes with lightsaber
using lightsaber two-handedly (which is says to do on the instructions) hinders posability
not ideal on his own (needs a friend to 'play' with)
random gunmetal instead of grey (This is personally just my opinion)
back looks bad without cape


For questions like this, I would post it over here:

I would buy Darth Vader, but I've got a bit of Bias as I'm a bigger fan of Star Wars. Please don't kill me. :cry: