Pyraxus and Treason V.2 perfected

After a couple of tweaking on Pyraxus and a bit of
re-armouring Treason, they are now in my eyes heavily improved.

Upper view

Lower view

Rear view


These definitely better than before. The only major complaint I have with Pyraxus is the random green tube on the back. It looks out of place and doesn't really add anything.

Treasons colour scheme still looks weird. Try to remove the neon green on the chest and replace it with trans-red, that would help.

These are much more clean and well built than the original versions. Pyraxus is pretty much perfect except froth green tube on is back, but Treason's swords are literally Kopaka and Tahu's swords, and they don't fit his color scheme. For Treason, maybe remove all colors except for white and gold, and you'll be good to go.

The are much better,
Good use of white background. Treason sword looks like Ragu's but I like the staff he has, they both look a lot better.

Pyraxus looks good except for the random green tube, and Treason's colors are a lot less all over the place, thanks to the weapons and gold.

Pyraxus looks much better compared to the original. It's bulky and looks powerful, great work! I especially like what you have done with the new staff. As others have said the tube is a bit out of place in green. If your dead set on keeping the tube I would recommend changing it to black or silver if possible.

Now for Treason. The only thing I might recommend changing are his weapons, at least the one in his right hand (Tahu's Sword) The colors are a bit odd, but not horrible. I would recommend swapping the green chest piece out with a white or red one if possible.

Overall I think these two look great! Goodluck with your MOC's and can't wait to see more of your work : )

I wouldn't say "perfected" more like "armored" but im not so impressed, not saying it's bad just saying needs some improvement

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