Pyritor, the Failed Clone

Hello everyone on the Boards!

For those of you expecting Clone Troopers…sorry.

But in more exciting news, guess what this actually is? Could it be? A MOC by PN99? I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking “This guy hasn’t made a MOC since forever ago,” and you would be right, I haven’t. To be honest, MOCs from me will probably be few and far between due to my severe lack of parts, but maybe around next year I can get a refuel and start back into it!

Anyways, yea, this is my newest MOC. It’s not anything particularly special or even much in the way of progress in skill, but I’ve grown fond of it.

####Some backstory:
Pyritor is a synthetic being created by the Nynrah Ghosts. He is primarily composed of mechanical parts, but his core does contain some organic material, and he seems to possess a spirit as other beings in the Matoran Universe do.

He was intended to be a perfect clone of the universe’s most renowned bounty hunter, Auria the Goldhunter. His genetic material was taken from small samples of Auria’s, but the samples were fragmented and incomplete. The Ghosts did their best to replicate the rest, but the flaws were too great. Pyritor’s programming became corrupt, causing him to go nearly insane.

He fled the island of Nynrah, terrorizing the Southern Continent, all the while replacing bits of his body with scavenged mechanics. He still follows his original directive of finding his “sister” Auria and killing her, but his aim is to complete his genetic material to make himself perfect.

Okay, enough walls of text, here’s the MOC:

Here he is! Yea, he’s not great. I just kinda sat down and started building to see if I could make anything, and this happened. Aside from physical similarities to Auria, the inspiration for his backstory, I also built him in almost the exact same spontaneous way.

Front view.

Side view one.

Back view.

Side view two.

The nigh only redeemable feature of this MOC, the head.

I was very happy with how this turned out, and about using the Mask of Control!

Torso close up.

Side of the torso. Yea, it’s gappy in some places.

Back of the torso. It’s supposed to be an air compressor, so it’s got pipes and a pressure gauge.

His right arm. Nothing special. It’s also a little long, but I sacrificed proper proportions for articulation and maybe a little creep factor to make him look less natural and proper.

His left arm is a hydraulic punching arm run by the air compressor. It’s supposed to be an uncompleted version of what Crossbones has in Captain America: Civil War. Love that weapon!

And of course it moves in and out.

Legs. These were the first things I built, before I even knew what I was making. Ignore the red lift arm, or better yet imagine it as an exposed wire.

Excuses for the win.

The backs are horribly exposed. Also, creds to MOCMakerMax on YouTube for the Unity piece on the normal bone technique!

Best part is: they’re double jointed! That means he can get some super huge range of motion!


“There wasn’t enough of her DNA to complete me, so they tried their best to…fill in the gaps…I helped, of course…”


Hulk Smash / Iron Man pose!

Size comparison, and you can also see the similarities that I actually did not intend originally, but the more I look at it the more similar they are.

Size comparison with Ghar.


“Broken…damaged…all words to describe how you will be after I’m done with you…”

So, is he particularly good? Not really? Is he kinda cool? I’d say so, in his own way!

Let me know what you think below, and thanks for reading!

Also, 10 points for you if you can catch the reference in the name and its significance!

As always,
Comment and Discuss!


Normally I’d complain about the extra join in the leg, but the way you designed it makes the knees look larger in a realistic way. I don’t like the pieces sticking out on sides of the knee, however. They… well… stick out too much from the rest of the moc. My only other complaint would be that the hydraulic arm looks flimsy and awkward.


My thoughts are pretty much what @Sonus said.

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I like this, despite it not being a clone trooper…


This looks pretty good. I just think that there should be some more gold on the back. Other than that, good job!

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I really like that use of the mask of control


Considering the way this is meant to be a failed experiment, awkwardness and streamlining apply much less, almost inversely, though I agree the arm is a bit l flimsy, it would look much more intimidating if bulked up.

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Very interesting head build, I like it.

I think the legs could be a little better. I am not too fond of the Nuva shoulder pads as the knees (at least turned sideways like that).

I also don’t know how I feel about the usage of the Kanohi Rode, it feels a bit like it was thrown on and doesn’t really fit with the rest of the arm build or add any flow.

Otherwise, though, pretty cool MOC!

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I love how you made the head. It just makes sense to use the MoCo as a helmet on the top. I also love how you made the robotic arm. It just feels like something you’d see that was scrapped up to make sure it’s functional. The MOC also flows nicely.



Do you mean the Nuva shoulders or the Technic pieces? If I had more silver Bohrok eyes or similar pieces I would fill out the Technic pieces so they’re less noticeable, but the Nuva shoulders have to be facing out or they won’t fit with the leg correctly.

Fresh out of gold, minus a Rocka XL helmet! Maybe I could fudge that on, or maybe paint the air compressor gold.

Thanks, I enjoyed using it! :smile:

Yea, but I also don’t relish using it as an excuse! :smile:

I might be able to fix that. The intent was to look bare-bones, minus the front end, but I do agree it could be more intimidating if it was a bit larger and bulkier.

As I mentioned above, they don’t work unless they face that way. Any other way would cause his legs to not be able to stand straight. I couldn’t find any other suitable pieces that were small and round to put there.

Well that’s a valid complaint because it kinda was. I originally had only the two mace halves, but to me it didn’t look heavy enough, so I added the Rode to fill it out. The prong at the back doesn’t help a whole lot.

Thanks, though!

Well that was the intent! Thanks!

Oh, that wasn’t a compliment I was expecting! :smile: I personally like the torso, I feel despite its gaps it has an appealing shape for this physique.

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Woah! That is creepy! The colors look really nice on this MOC.

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Pretty cool. I love that head.

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I agree with you with the back of the legs looking a bit odd, but other than that, I really like the MOCs look, especially with what you did with the head.

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I particularly like the head.

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The limbs seem kind of simple but the whole thing looks great!
The head is really creative!

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Dang, this is like Krekka but gold and better.


So deformed and unique. Keep up the good work. Never seen anything like this.

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^ This

I’ve got to say this looks great.
Reminds me of Jetbug from Hero Factory.
Though the knees look too awkward.

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I actually really like the hydraulic smasher arm. But the main attraction here is that glorious head…

That head…

I love it.

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