(Pronounced Ca-Dont-Ra)

This is my first true female moc and also first actual custom torso! Two firsts at once! Awesome!
So yeah I got lucky and got 3 bags of bionicle parts from value village (which was awesome because I haven’t seen any in awhile!) and they had a lot of awesome parts! Such as nearly all of phantoka pohatu, a bunch of red parts and a crap ton of those vahi weapons! And all of the parts somehow inspired me to make another moc who came out as my first actually well done female moc! And I even avoided using the dreaded nuva-boobs! (Even though I almost made star Tahu mask-boobs, hau-boobs, but they didn’t work and I came up with the current design which actually was inspired from v.1 Gali and roodaka.) So yeah as you can also see there were also some non bionicle parts but I somehow for some reason decided to incorporate them in the build (the gun was awesome! Will be switching the hand later when I make a better gun).

In the bionicle universe (mine that is) there was a semi secret organization, secret in the terms that while there were rumours, many of which would be used as horror stories, of them it was unknown where they were, who was truly involved or just claiming to be, who founded it and even if it was real, they were called “The Shaded Assassins” but were more well known as the “Devil’s associates”, due to what they did. They were essentially a large group of mercenaries for hire, but they had morals, they would only take jobs that dealt with makuta, dark hunters or other corrupt/evil beings, such as a corrupt toa using their powers to get what they want or a mortars crime boss, and they never let their targets and those involved live without a good enough reason, doing so without would cause one to be put under high suspicion and be watched until their loyalties could be proven. They tended to be the ones who started the contact when someone wanted to hire them, using matoran with psychic abilities to find them, while there were other ways to get in contact they were well hidden and required a lot of determination to find.
If they found out that they had been lied to about their target they would hunt down the solicitor. As one can guess due to what they did they had many enemies but they were well hidden enough to be almost impossible to find and learn about that it would take centuries to find them and by that time they probably would’ve been killed by them already. They were eventually destroyed, an enemy finally managing to find them, but despite that many of those involved survived and are waiting for the time to start up again, some even still doing their work, also despite the destruction rumours and horror stories about them still persist.

Qadoentra was one of the better and more well known mercenaries involved with the shaded assassins, she had joined after being rescued from being a matoran experiment after they had been hired to kill the makuta who had her and others.
She was one of the few matoran that had been saveable, many being to changed to any longer be considered sentient or save able, and the only one to join them. The experiment she was involved in was an attempt by the makuta to make matoran into capsules able to revive near dead makuta’s and give them a more stable form, she had been attempted to make into an artificial fire elementalist, while it did work it didn’t work as expected, she can create flame and fire it in blasts but she is permanently generating an inner flame, which she gets her fire from (like torchic) but unfortunately it means that she unless she releases flame she continues to get hotter and hotter, to a point where just touching or being near her would be enough to cause metal to start melting, luckily she was designed to survive extreme heats so she doesn’t melt, doesn’t mean she can’t feel it, but it will cause her to start glowing red if given enough time and makes it difficult for her to move from the heat and pain. Her powers didn’t develop until she became a toa, which was caused by the makuta who in a last ditch attempt to defeat the mercenaries put a makuta stone containing what was left of the essence of a fallen makuta, which was actually the reason she was experimented on in such a way, into her, which actually was the cause of his downfall, while the experiment worked, infusing her with the makuta’s essence and changing her form, Qadoentra kept control and killed the makuta, catching the attention of the mercenaries, originally the just planned to keep watch on her to see if she was hireable material but it was soon discovered what her abilities did, being in a more energized state from the recent change, forcing them to bring her back with them to help her.
She was modified so her body had points that permanently released flame, which she could choose the level of. After, she found out about what they did and managed to convince them to let her join, quickly rising in the ranks and showing off what she could do in the missions she was sent on.
She can take on most makuta and toa (in terms of a toa like axonn and such) by herself and rarely called in for backup that was more than three others.
She is more along the lines of an assassin than a mercenary due to her mask powers fighting style and flexibility, literally and mentally in terms of planning and such, she’s not one to call attention to herself when fighting but will take on groups of enemies instead of just one at a time like a typical assassin, she won’t just charge in and start breaking doors, she’ll sneak in, kill a couple of others then stat breaking down doors but using her powers to keep it hidden.
She can also fit herself into small places and such, due to her flexibility, to hide or wait. For her mask powers she has a melded mask with the powers of a Kakama and noble kanohi shelek, which allows her to affect objects/others in a nearby vicinity.
That’s not to say she’s not a good assassin, she’s extremely sneaky and good st getting others to lower their guard, if her job is just to take out one being or a small number she’ll tend to act more assassin like, sneaking and hiding to kill them or approaching them in the open, with a hidden weapon and in such a way that they’ll lower their guard/be confused or snipe them.
What also made her such a good fighter was due to part of her personality, she’s very open and flirtatious, she’ll flirt with anything sentient enough to respond and react to her flirting no matter the gender or species, even when not fighting she’ll tend to flirt/use minor innuendos every now and again with whoever she’s taking with, she’s also a pun lover. She’s very good at confusing and distracting (mainly by flustering them, I mean how would you react if you were fighting someone and then they suddenly flirted/made a mild innuendo at you/started saying puns at you) an enemy while fighting or when she’s in a compromising position, allowing her to usually get the upper hand.
Despite how secretive the Devil’s associates are she is one of the most well known of them, rumour wise, not many can identify her by looks, typically referenced to as the Devil’s (add word for whatever) due to how she acts and her known, from any rescued beings, kill record.

She didn’t know about the associations destruction at first due to a job she had recently been able to start back up and had been ongoing for a few years. She had been hired to kill Tekal back when she was still a matoran but before Qadoentra could Tekal managed to become a toa and vanished for a few years. Later reports came of Tekal traveling with a toa group commonly known as the misfit toas or misfits, due to the team members not being your average toas. After Qadoentra heard these reports she tried to track them down but wasn’t able to due to the randomness of their travels. She finally managed to catch up with Tekal after she had left the group to go on a little side adventure she wanted to do. This was when Qadoentra found out about the originazations destruction, she attempted to call in for some small back up to help track Tekal but discovered what had happened instead.
Qadoentra managed to catch up to Tekal on her own, having nothing else to do at that point, she had already watched Tekal for years and researched much about her at this point (and no not in the stalker like way!), she had already figured out she had been lied too and killed her solicitor years back but had continued to track Tekal becuase she found her interesting and wanted to see what had happened to her in the past years. After meeting her and telling her about everything Tekal managed to convince her to join her team, gaining a new member for the misfit toas. Tekal was also the only one to have ever evaded Qadoentra for as long as she did, she even picked up on her following her back when she was a matoran and a bit before she met Qadoentra as a toa.

Despite how flirtatious and open Qadoentra is she only does relationships, which she has been in a few of, while she still acts flirty with others while in a relationship, which was actually the cause for the end of a few, she won’t cheat on her partner, being fiercely loyal to them, if they cheat on her though… Well they’re screwed is all I’m gonna say.

She does appear to know Sploonk (yep he’s in my world), claiming to have dated him once before his obsession with Kali and that he used to work with the Shaded assassins, being somewhat of a criminal back then but they let him get away with it due to his usefulness, having a power suit which he used too, while some what far fetched sounding it’s not the most because Sploonk has show himself to be very competent at fighting and has claimed to kill others.

She got a modified hand just so she could would that gun, the modifications where for shock absorbtion, grip and recoil control due to the strength of the gun.

Personality: flirtatious, open, only does actual relationships, happy, semi-lewd sometimes, difficult to anger or upset, hates makuta, considers herself a bad@$$, very affectionate to partners (relationship wise), (usually) accepting of others despite any differences, very flexible (omg that’s a pun now that I think about it XD) situation and plan wise, quickly adapting to any situation and changing her plan as she goes on, very rarely shows fear of other beings, can be somewhat cocky but is skilled enough to usually make up for it, daredevil, maybe a touch sassy.

Other attributes: Can launch blasts of fire from an inner flame but she is permanently generating it so she will heat up quickly, if the flame release tubes are damaged or blocked she will overheat, flames on the release tubes will actually increase in size dependent on how much fire she uses but will cause her to overheat faster.

She has a melded mask with the powers of a kanohi Kakama and noble kanohi shelek. A melded mask is made by fusing two kanohi together, allowing for multiple powers, but only great masks could be used, the second mask (one that was going to be fused into the original) would lose power during the process so only great masks could be used, allowing for the second mask to have the abilities of a noble kanohi of it’s type, not many can meld masks and the process is difficult so it is rare to see them. The more powers in one mask the more mental strength it will take to use it so there’s typically only two powers in a melded mask.
Her noble shelek allows her to mute not just her own sounds but also all sounds in a vicinity around her but any other beings inside the vicinity will be able to hear her and vice versa.

She is very flirtatious, typically using it to fluster enemies so she can get the upper hand, even when not fighting and just talking she tends to flirt or use mild innuendos but despite this she only looks for actual relationships, and has had a few, but even when in a relationship she’ll flirt with others, which ended a few of her relationships, but she won’t cheat on a partner or actually make advances on another, she’s very loyal to a partner, if they cheat on her on the other hand then she’ll beat them up.
She has a tendency to use… Endearing(? Is that the word for it?) terms when talking to others, such as sweetie, dear, handsome, etc, etc.
She is also an extreme pun lover.

Extremely flexible, can fit into small crates, always stretches once a day to stay limber.

Has a knife for assassinations, a large sword which she typically uses to fight with, bladed heels, a wrist mounted stun phaser and holo-scoped plasma gun.

Her wrist mounted stun phaser is a close range weapon, mainly used in physical fights, it can fire 3, semi-paralyzing shots, before needing to recharge, or one full-paralyzing shot but it increases the recharge time. The semi-paralyzing shots paralyze whatever area they hit, so if you shot someone in the arm their arm would be paralyzed for a bit, this shot can actually act like a full paralyzing shot if hit in the right area but it’s more difficult and requires luck and aim

Her plasma gun is a high powered, medium ranged weapon which can be switched in between automatic mode and semi-automatic mode, semi-automatic having stronger shots and farther aim but much slower firing speed, shooting at a rate of 1 shots per 5 seconds and only having 40 shots before the need to recharge for 8 minutes. The gun fires large, concentrated plasma bullets which can punch through most armours, in automatic mode it can fire 120 shots at a rate of 10 per second but then requires 10 minutes to recharge when emptied and it has weaker, less accurate shots. It also requires getting a modified hand to deal with the guns recoil and grip, without it the recoil will either break your hand or cause the weapon to go flying from your grip.

The golden shoulder plate is actually a trophy she took from one of her most difficult kills, also she took it because it’s gold and looked cool XD!

She considers herself an absolute bad@$$ and is quite good at being one, it’s also why she keeps her hair how it is.

She also has a makuta stone heart light which causes many who don’t know her enough to be wary and distrustful of her but she’s ok with it, understanding why they are and they typically stop once getting to know her for long enough… You know now that I think about it she’d probably be considered a makuta if you think about it, just one that won’t drain of essence of her armours broken and she’s not evil… Interesting.

I might actually put her in a relationship with Tekal, just thinking about it for now but I do like the idea and see it working from their personalities.

So yep I finally made another female moc! Yay! Also man is she huge! I love how I get a couple new parts then I’m all of a sudden inspired to make a massive female moc! XD!
Also before anyone complains to me about her personality or something, here’s the thing, I never purposely make the backstories and descriptions, I just make a moc/character, look at it and all of a sudden viola! I have a description and such for them that works really well for the character. So please don’t get all weird at me for making a very flirtatious character.
(I just realized how hard it’ll be for me to write for her, myself being asexual/demi-romantic and all. Despite that that doesn’t mean I have anything against relationships and such, as show with her, or ships, I just typically don’t care or pay to much attention to them, sure there’s actually a few that I do do but not many. It’s just gonna be difficult because I have barely any idea how to flirt… Luckily so far anything I have planned for her has just been popping into my head so, yay!)

Funnily enough she she was supposed to be taller than Tekal but I accidently made Tekal bigger, it’s still works though.


Weapons and such

Nothing to worry about, or is there?

Qadoentra: Oh, Hello sir. could I ask you a question?

so remember how I told you she’s good at making one lower their guard for when she assassinates? This is one of the ways she might do it, now you might be wondering, how’s she gonna pull it off? You’ll see in the next pic.

Told you you’d see how, she’s good at what she does.

Come on, show me your moves.

Ooh! Do you think it’s me?

Yep this is how she acts sometimes, this was after she got the gun and hand mod… Would this be considered sassy? I think it is.

Custom hand and gun

So yeah here’s her modified hand, I literally made it just so she could hold that gun becuase I liked it a lot!

Back weapon holder


Custom leg

As you can see thi is an example of her first build, that leg was actually what inspired her build. So if anyone knows what the hand and leg parts come from and like bionicle, look you can combine them!

So yeah a closeup of the leg that inspired Qadoentra! So if anyone knows what these pieces come from and like bionicle, here’s some ways to combine them! (Also what is that leg from?! Pls tell me!)

Oh also for anyone who likes the shaded assassins/devils associates originazation and might want to make a character who’s involved with it go for it! Just let me know so I can see what you’ve made! Also for that idea know this, anyone involved is either dead or in hiding and they will have to be an exceptional fighter and not mind killing others, heck they could be a murderous psychopath who goes on murderous rampages but if you did that you’d have to explain why they follow the moral code the shaded assassins live by and they’d have to be extremly faithful/loyal to it, if they broke it they’d be hunted themselves, so you’ll have to explain how exactly the became so loyal to it and why they decided to join the organization and why they were invited to join it.


The build is actually really good and i like the whole blade hair thing, I love the whole cyborg style as well. As for the personality, I’m not so sure. Especially not the comic as it feels awkward and just… no.

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I like it, but the head seems a tad small compared to the rest of the body.

@Jal Bwhahahahah! Trust me I’ve seen worse than that comic.
But as I stated before I didn’t design any of her bio, I never design any of my characters bios I just do small edits to them, so I just build a character, look at them and then viola! Personality, bio and backsTory pop into my head and after that I’m not able to change it becuase it works for them when I think about it, so sorry for awkwardness. Also the comic was mainly just to show off how flexible her build was (which I noticed when fiddling her) the end… Well even I don’t know where that popped up from, it just kinda popped up in my head and I had to make it so, Arggghh! It’s also kind what stabilized the idea of her relationship with Tekal… Really she’s going to be impossible to write for due to how I’m asexual and literally don’t know what flirting is or how it’s done, luckily s far everything I’ve thought up for her has just popped into my head and worked so far.

@Sepublic22 Hmmm… Yeah I guess it does, unfortunately I didn’t have better mask for it and that’s actually a bionicle star Tahu mask so it’s thinner but I found it looked better than a v.1 Tahu mask.

Edited for Double Post - Waj

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The build is ok…but that personality just feels wrong.

Don’t ask… I don’t even know where it came from, I never actually design a bio purposely, they just pop into my head whenever I make a new moc so this one popped in (also I have terrible writing skills so it’s less well written and more confusing then I wanted it to be and it sounded in my head (am trying to fix it)) also my recent watching of all of biorockdudes videos has not helped me at all.

OK, so, from looking at the thing i must say that this isn’t really that appealing.

The way the waist is jointed makes the entire torso look broken, when the side-to-side joint is being used. The legs seem basic, and awkwardly proportioned, due to the CCBS joint in the middle.

The integration of the Construct-Bot parts are not good, and should probably be redone.

The arm connection points also need to be sucked in a bit. it just looks rather awkward, with the connection points jutting out the back like that.

and the vahki staff hair. If you’re wanting that to work, raise the connection point, so the top 1/4th of the blade isn’t sticking up off the head.

So, all in all,

re-do the legs to be more proportional, re-do the ab crunch to where it bends in a better spot, suck the arms in, and re-do the hands, so they’re less clunky.


This post has to hold the all time record for highest number of words.

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Thinks it’s the way you posed it but the whole things looks awkward.

And that comic…no…just no.



you haven’t read any of @Scorpion_Strike 's topics


@Jal @michael_benk
Ok seeing as how you two are the first commenters and can recognize the problems in her description I’m going to request your help in fixing it!
Ok so to put it simply probably everything wrong with her bio is from my terrible wording skills, I was just putting down the ideas that had come to me and didn’t realize how much rewriting they would take at first, most others I barely have to do much editing to make their ideas make sense, and how she is a touch out of my comfort zone when writing and really far from my center of knowledge, mainly due to myself being asexual and also because I don’t understand most relation wise stuff, I mean I barely even know what flirting is!
Ok so the main aspect of her character is that she’s a flirtatious bad@$$ mercenary/assassin, really now that I think about it the flirting strategy is quite a good one and it isn’t too surprising she knows it, remember she was in an organization composed of hundreds of other mercenaries and such and they all had their own strategies and all, so she probably heard/saw/was taught about the flirting one and she found it to work well for her, which also would help show how she is as good at what she does as she is, allowing her to distract enemies and get out of tight situations, eventually she got into such a habit of doing it that it seemed normal to her to always be flirtatious and all, sure she knew what it did to others but she was just used to it, which was also why she would still flirt in a relationship, because despite all that she isn’t one who’d do… (What’s the term?! Looking it up… One night stands? Flings? I have no idea!), if she likes the person and is interested in them enough she will attempt to pursue a relationship with them and she is fiercely loyal to her partner, she’s not one who would ever cheat on them, now if they cheated on her though she’d be infuriated and would beat them up before breaking up. This also explains why she might be in a relationship with Tekal, she has known about her for years and gotten a pretty good grasp on what she’s like, they’re both very compatible personality wise and such and Qadoentra would get along well with Tekal.
Ok so yeah this is what I was trying to go for but I definitely messed it up from you response, so could you two please help tell me where and what exactly you feel I should change? Along with any other parts you think might need fixing, thanks, I don’t have a beta reader for any of my stuff and I doubt I could get one who wouldn’t read her bio then get weirded out/just not want to deal with it or some such stuff.

@BBricks I have seen much, much worse than this, especially in stop motions, even King_Ved did a comic like this once and I can’t tell if that one would have been considered worse than mine.

@Sammythekat ok this is all really awesome stuff! I’ll try em out, but i don’t really see what’s wrong with the legs, they seem to work for me. With the hair… I’ll see what it looks like if I can make it work, I was kinda trying to go for a puckish look but I do agree it could be lower. As with the “ab crunch” as you put it I don’t really know how I’ll redo that all that well, her entire torso is build into the orange chest plate, I might be able to make the waist connection lower but that might make it look weirder.
Also so that’s what those pieces are.

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@KAI_BORG I don’t have a lot of time right now, but when I get a chance, I’d be happy to help.

Thank you so much! That would be awesome, just help whenever you can! I’m good with any time (just awesome to finally have a bit of help, it’s typically hard for me to fund anyone who’ll want to) also if you want to know anything about her or Tekans build let me know and I’ll put em up.

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This is just my opinion but the flirty personality as a whole should just be removed, i mean it is your chataracter and you can do anything you want but for me it just ends up being cringy.

The CCBS bone in the middle of the leg, the one that allows for the double jointed knee

that makes the legs feel way too long.

on most action figures with double jointed knees, either the joint is exposed and small, or large, and embedded into one of the legs.

ok, let me phrase it like this:

for double joints, the only real way to get away with the in-between part being that large, is if it’s embedded into the lower leg, in order to make the knee still look normal.[quote=“KAI_BORG, post:13, topic:34456”]
, I might be able to make the waist connection lower

then tha’d throw off the proportions.

here’s a suggestion:

try and make a System version of the chestplate, with the lower spike not included, and have that attach to a re-done, more proportional torso?

Ehhh, I have to admit the flirty nature works for me, I do want to rewrite it becuase it’s a lot less cringy the way I had it in my head but I have wasn’t able to write it out in that way. Also you have to admit that would be a good strategy when fighting, how would you react if someone did that’s when fighting you? Also really it wouldn’t be that unusual of a strategy seeing as the association she’s in, it’s composed of hundreds of mercenaries and assassins all with their own quirks, some of them could even be considered psychopaths but they all follow and are loyal to the same moral code, if anything there would probably be those who are worse than her.

@Sammythekat Ah that bit, really I just felt it worked becuase it couldn’t bend forward like most double knees and gave a touch more leg flexibility and most of it was hidden behind the kneecap of the legs and I needed it to be that long for the porpotions, I could embed it… Somehow… Got any examples of that? I could also change it later on if I found the proper pieces.
System building the chest plate… Hmm that could be troublesome, I’ll need a lot more orange bits and I’ll have to have it still have all the same connections as this one… I could cut the spike off but that’ll have to be a last resort.

like, in toys, or on bionicle?

'cause on bionicle, i think everyone has made it to where it’s just a small joint.

i’d be easy to make, kinda.

then again, i’d be better off for system creations.

Ima say bionicles, if you have any examples of double jointed characters I’d love to see em, I don’t really see many like this except for ones with digitigrade legs.

The Q without the U…

It’s like Quaffine all over again.

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